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begnin intracranial preasure

my son was treated with a brain shunt for hydrocephalus, secondary meningitis, since the age of 2 months old. now he is 14 years. during these years he had only one shunt revision(tube prolonging). no other complains. he performs good in school. attends regular school, regular classes.
since 2 years started having constipation problems, which got worse last summer, and it added throwing up sometimes maybe once / day.
but from end of september, he started complaining of severe headaches, throwing up more often, and in one of those times, while throwing, he got one first seizure.
after checks with neuro doc and trying some new med the seizures are controlled. we had CT scans, MRI and a flowmetry MRI. all showing no hydrocephalus, and denying the obstruction of the shunt. the fact is that after csf tapping my son gets better considering the headaches are gone, and papilledema is ti minimal. we had tapping 3 times in 2 months, interval of three weeks. they are curing him with cidamax and suggesting another tapping to measure op. in a week or so, and check on his eyes to keep track of papilledema.
their last word was:
one surgeon wants to replace the old shunt with anew one. but is this possible, thinking that the old shunt is there since 14 years and most probably brain tissues are all over it?
the others suggest the lumboperitonal shunt, as a solution. i also heard that this type of shunts create problems in the long run. i really don't know what is the best form my son. can u please help me with some advise?
i need to say that the first opening preasure of csf was 400 and the second after 3 weeks was 500, but with minimal papilledema.
plz help me. really don't know what to think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please dont contact a neurologist, go as soon as possible to a neurosurgeon to regulate the valve pressure to 80
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