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c6-c7 herniation surger

I had surgery for a herniation in c6-c7. The made the incision on the right side of my throat in the front. My pain was in the left side of my neck, shoulder and left arm. It has been two and a half weeks since the surgery and I still have no voice. I can whisper, but can't talk regularly at all. The said after my surgery that it may be up to two weeks until I can talk. The only improvements have been that I can whisper slightly clearer. I went back in 14 days after surgery for them to check my incision. I only saw a nurse because the appointment was just to check my incision, she seemed disturbed that I was not talking. She even asked me why I was whispering, this struck me as very odd. After I began asking questions about my voice, she told me that it just may be taking a while for it to come back. I don't go back to the doctor for another month for a post operation evalution where they take x-rays and determine when I can go back to work. It is really concerning me that my voice isn't showing improvements. What should I do?
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During anterior approaches to the neck, 4 things can happen to the speech process;
1- Over-pressure from the anesthetic  tube
2- Over-stretching of the recurrent laryngeal nerve [RLN]
3- partial injury of the RLN
4- Serious injury of the RLN

the one of the biggest concern is last one, please take an exceptional appointment to see your surgeon, because you should investigate
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