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central apnea

My son is 12 weeks old and he has achondroplasia,he was born with large head and short limbs.when he was 9 days old he had repeated attacks of central apnea and cyanosis,the condition has been repeated every 7-9 days,what shall i do i don't know?will the condition regress when he grows up or is it serious and leads to death?
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really it is difficult to me to know how much the medicine and doctors and intensive care can help and to which degree the disease of your baby is advanced, I wish the diagnosis of central apnea is not precise so the problem could be than less severe, the second possibility frequently neurointensivists omit is the tracheo-laringeal disfunction which could be present
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thank u dr nassim but it central apnea,,i don't know what to do?
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some medications like Parlodel gained success in the past for their ability of fighting central apnea, but to which degree this could act positively on your child.. hope it will help
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