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cervical spondylosis, questions

Hi.  I have just been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis.  I am 51 (female), and have a lot of degenerative changes.  My symptoms were hand numbness and tingling on R hand for a couple of months before I was able to get the MRI, then in my left hand just last week.  I had no real pain until a week ago. I now have pretty bad neck pain and stiffness, sometimes radiates to arm and shoulder, a little leg sciatica, and some headaches. MRI (one month ago) showed no compression, normal spine, but multilevel DD disease C3-4 and C-6-7. Multilevel canal narrowing, neural stenosis.  I know the multilevel is not good. I could include a lot of detail from the MRI but I hope this is sufficient.

I saw a neurologist a few days ago, who said I have cervical spondylosis.  He said I was not a surgical candidate, I have no neurological deficits, no compression, no T2 signal.  All good.  I had an EMG, which was clear.  He said I could do swimming and light stretching, such as PIlates.  I could not get much more info than that.  He emphasized no surgery, no cervical collar, no traction, no chiropractor.  I guess this is all very good, but the extreme exercise limitations scare me.  He did not suggest any other PT.   Even though most of these findings sound good, he seemed like he did not want to discuss anything.  

I would like to maybe try yoga stretching and acupuncture, but mostly I am just unclear about my numbness and pain symptoms in regards to such conservative treatment.  I am going to get a second opinion from a neurosurgeon just to get some perspective.

I do not want surgery by any means, but does that mean I will never be a candidate and will only get much worse?   And if I can only do swimming and light stretching, am I in imminent danger of having a serous injury or disability just on a daily basis?  

Thanks so much!  I am hoping the news is as good as it can be under the circumstances. Spondylosis itself is confusing!   I think I checked every "tag" just in case.
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Sorry but I am not able to discuss your case without having your MRI images.
your neurologist should be medico-legaly responsible about his decision.

traction with 3 kg (not more !) is excellent.
no need to try acupuncture, time will take care of your temporary symptoms. traction prevent the recurrence if noneed for surgery
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