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pain doctors

Im going to see a pain doctor for my spinal stnosis,herniated disc and osteoarthritis and I was just wondering if anyone knew how they treat that kind of pain? I am currently taking percocet 10/325 and naproxin 500mg for pain however the pain is getting worse and am hoping for something that will give me longer lasting pain relief. I just dont want them to take my percs away cause thats the only thing that helps me get through the pain. Any info would help. Thanks.
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Try the nerve burning process to help with the pain. It might get you free of meds.

How do they treat that kind of pain? I've been through many docs in the last 15 years and it all depends on the docs. Some of them threw meds at me like nobody's business, and some refused to prescribe anything. It all depends on the doc.
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Percoet renders you an uneffective member of the society
you may need a surgery. I can't give you my opinion unless you send me some images of the spinal stenosis
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