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Leilani Cheyanne has arrived Feb 11, 2011

I was induced a week early on Feb 10 because of high blood pressure, i stayed all night without progressing much. The next day the 11th, the dr broke my water because there wasnt any progression. I was trying to NOT get an epidural. AFter the water broke I started to have a nervous breakdown and dilated quickly to 6 cm. I then couldnt take the pain anymore and ended up with the epidural (which he messed up on twice so i got poked 3 times :(, and ended up getting the migraine afterwards and had to get a blood patch, terrible).

so by 6 cm i was finally relaxed and about an hour or so later by 2 pm I was totally dilated to 10 and doc said to start pushing. Nurses came in and we started, by the time the dr got in 10 min later he head was already out. I delivered her at 2:32pm Feb 11th. Started pushing at 2:20pm. 12 min delivery time.

She was an angel from heaven and weighed 7 lbs 8 oz, 20 1/2 inches long and we named her Leilani Cheyanne. I am so proud of her for turning so great for mommy to push her out. and my husband was the best man I could ask for during this time. Of course we both cried together and looked at her in awe.

She is now home safe and sound doing wonderful. Went home the next day. :)

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Ahhh she does look like an angel. Love the pink hippo in the corner.
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She looks adorable! Congrats!

P.S. I love her name.
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Oh she's beautiful, and her name is just as beautiful!  Congrats!!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  Leilani Cheyanne & Mommy, too!!!   She is adorable!!!!!  
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She is just precious!!  Congrats to your whole family :)
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How sweet!  Congrats!
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She is precious!
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Congrats, she's precious!
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Congratulations!  What a cutie :)
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Congratulations !!!
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What a doll!!!! Congrats!!!
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She is Beautiful congrats!
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Avatar universal
Congratulations!!!!!!!!   SO glad that you all are home... and all comfy cozy.
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What a cutie!
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Leila is beautiful and such a precious gift!  Wishing Leila a lifetime of happiness and health.

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awwww shes adorable!!! Congrats!!!

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