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Criminalizing health adviser.

Health blogger was threatened with jail time for advising Paleo diet that cured him diabetes-published by Mike Adams, Health Ranger Natural New Editor.Blogger name is Cooksey and his website is diabetes-warrior.net.  The State Of North Arizona forbids to give diet advice if one is not having a license of Nutrition.Adviser will be considered a culprit if he does not hold licecence.  this rule is adopted by states, even MH and all website giving advice will be illegal.There is a four page article on this sensitive subject.
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Hi there!  So glad you posted!!  

What is always tricky is the liscensing and then trying to be of the profession that requires the liscense.  If you are getting paid for something that all others have received an educational degree to do and have followed the rules of getting the liscense, I can see where that wouldn't be fair.

But this is different!!  He is a health blogger and not receiving a fee for his advice, correct??  People don't consult with him to get a diet plan written for them by this man for a fee, right?  He just writes about his experience in an effort to help others.  That seems wrong that the law would get involved.

And it is just because he isn't a nutritionist by profession??  That doesn't seem right!
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I read of this Dalubaba and it disgusted me ..since when has health advice been a crime, we need all the help we can get ...all rules and regulations ...too much
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As usual you have picked up the post and gave your frank opinion. When I re-read my post, I found a gross mistake. The News are from North Carolina and not from north Arizona.
By chance I was reading a novel entitled 'Mid-wife'. The novel is on Russian Jewish people who come to New York and they undergo all the hassle of license for the mid wife who is more expert than a qualified Obstetrician.Quite an interesting novel.And a coincidental with the N Carolina News.
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Yes and thats going on here where midwives are being prosecuted for delivering babies, again taking away our freedoms, midwives are qualified RN's and in my opinion highly qualified to deliver babies .
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Just don't know why anyone who took the time to get the education would balk at the idea of getting a license.  

If someone refuses to get a license in a field where everyone else has had to in order to work in that profession, why is it fair for someone not to?  

I guess I really don't get that.

However, that is different than a blogger who gives his own account of how he helped his medical situation through diet for others to learn from.  If he is promoting himself as a dietician/nutritionist without the qualifications, that is another story as that is fraud.  

Anyway, I am thinking all agree on this subject.  
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