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Mislabeling Kids as ADHD ?

Wonder why social security is going broke possible mislabeling of  children for the social security benefits  http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/editorial_opinion/editorials/arti...  
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AHA! Now I totally agree on this one! Over diagnosing is just part of the problem I have. Have you noticed how many times you hve to take a kid to the doctor or dentist to get anything done? And ear infections and antibiotics is another of my pet peeves as well. And we wonder whats wrong with health care!  Geesh!
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OOOO boy,  i agree
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  Depends on the reason. Social Security has strict standards (you can to their website ssa.gov as they have all their regulations listed) as regards what constitutes a listing for a specific disability for an adult and they (due to concerns like this raised by the public years ago) have regulations that are even more specific as regards what constitutes a listing for a child. I know having done representation in the past. I would of course turn down anyone for the potential of representation if there was the potential they were making a false claim but they do follow up on that concern and have their own examining physicians. Anyone who has a psychiatric disability has to be seeing a psychiatrist and in treatment before they would consider them eligible.
   Other aspects such as income eligibility criteria when a child has a disability and how the parents are allowed to use the funds which are designated for a child could have stricter laws. There I agree. The other issue of having a child diagnosed with ADHD is separate from whether they are eligible for benefits and also the concerns about medication side effects because ADHD can sometimes respond to cognitive behavioral therapy as well. I do know adults with ADHD and learning disabilities (who work full time) and as child were labelled as being "stupid" and would have benefited from the appropriate accommodations that schools have for people with disabilities and the understanding of what their disability was. The issue of when a child is and is not eligible for SSI is complex and as regulations are considered by the Social Security administration they are publicly posted and people can feel free to write them.
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