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State of the Union Address...thoughts?

I didn't watch the whole thing, but most of it.

It was a good bit of rhetoric, but it did spark some hope, for me personally.  I think it was wonderful that all of the different people...from different tragedies/experiences were included.  I cried watching the parents of the girl who was just shot and killed, just days after performing at the inaguration.  I could see the pain in their eyes.  And watching Gabby Gifford just makes me SO sad....God love her.  She was just robbed of so much.

You know..it would be SO nice if we could just all take away from it the things that mean something to each of us, without the inevitable media evaluation (bashing/praising) that's coming.  Soon, we'll be hearing how many times Obama blinked, how many minutes the applause lasted, what everyone was wearing.  Who cares...let's just get down to business, and make this country what it is...a great place with great people from all walks of life.

I wish the President the best...he's got a tough road ahead of him and a lot of issues to face.  I would like to see all the leaders stand together and realize that they're playing for the same team.  I know it's a pipe dream, but that's okay.  I'm feeling patriotic...and having hope is a good thing.
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  If you watched most of it so far between MH and my FB page your in the lead as far perseverance.

Since I couldn’t endure but about 5 minutes (I know it’s petty, but like Rivil, even the colors of their ties were starting to get on my nerves) I will have to take your word on-
“I think it was wonderful that all of the different people...from different tragedies/experiences were included. I cried watching the parents of the girl who was just shot and killed, just days after performing at the inaguration. I could see the pain in their eyes. And watching Gabby Gifford just makes me SO sad....God love her. She was just robbed of so much.”

My opinion of that is, it falls under Exploitation and Propaganda. If it moved you so deeply, it worked.
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Sorry I don't watch info-mercials or commercials if they come on while I am watching I hit the mute button.  
Obama has always come across like a used car salesman to me but then again so do most politicians on both sides. I disagree with tooooo many things he is doing or trying to do to stomach the rhetoric of the address...
I'll watch the " highlights "lol on the news...

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I'm telling ya, all you have to do is be shot to be an American hero.  I never even heard of Gabby Giffords before she was shot and now she is the poster child of victim in this country.  Okay, that was insensitive but they've used this woman and she allows it to about the full extent now.  Got it, poor Gabby G.  

Anyway, it was what I expected.  

My favorite part which I giggled about over and over as it really was funny was Marco Rubio's dramaticly chugging the water.  What was up with that??  And then the camera panning into his bedroom eyes.  I just got a kick out of the whole thing.  
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I have only watched 2 of them ever...1 was after 9/11 and the other was after Bush won 2nd term. Other wise they are boring and gives one side what they want and pisses the other side off.

What is funny is the left on twitter can't stop talking about Rubio. When they talk about him it shows a sign of fear.
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Ugh, Vance.  You had to have seen him last night to understand.  He must have been uber nervous.  He could be groomed into something great, I'm sure.  I honestly didn't realize how good looking he was or young until last night.  But he stumbled over words and appeared very nervous.  And his drinking of that water was like a Jim Carrey sketch without him fallling down---  it was so strange.  I've never seen anything like it during a speech.  In all honesty, I really did laugh at it.  But, I will say this.  I think he shows promise and if they work on his skills in terms of publilc speaking----  he really could be something for the party.  
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I DVR'd Rubio's speech. But he did tweet a picture of the water bottle last night after the speech and did say how God has a way of showing us we are all human.

Never seen a post SOTU speech that was "good".
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My opinion of that is, it falls under Exploitation and Propaganda. If it moved you so deeply, it worked.

SO true!

I felt bad for Rubio....man, I was waiting for his lips to get stuck to his teeth.  Poor guy.  He was definitely very nervous.  It was comical to a point.  Some of our leaders aren't the best public speakers...even our dear President with his famous "uhhhh" over and over.  

Yeah, looking back over it last night..I was definitely caught up in the moment.  I was a bit melancholy and in a weird mood last night.  Watching bits and pieces today..ick.  Cheesey.....over the top, and yeah, those very people I felt bad for really were being exploited for political gain, which is heartless.

Correct me if I'm wrong..but I do NOT recall a SOTU address being in front of an audience...don't they usually deliver that by themselves from the oval office, or am I thinking or something else?

The standing ovations were nauseating.  

At one point, the one camera angle showed a profile shot of the president, where you could see Boehner's lap..no lie..he was actually TWIDDLING his thumbs around and around.  I remember lauging and thinking...oh boy...you're SO going to hear about that buddy!  HA!
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lips stuck to his teeth.  LOL  
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SOTU is done in front of Congress. When the president asks for time on the networks then it is usually from his office.
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I watched the whole thing, beginning to end..lol.  I seriously did.

I will say this...I think Obama is a very gifted speaker.  Both he and Rubio did a good job of......pointing out how incredibly divided the two political parties are. Now, being more left leaning myself obviously I enjoyed more of Obama's speech then I did Rubio's, but still, it was really just a pointing out of how bad each party is from the opposite side of the aisle.  It's too bad.  
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but still, it was really just a pointing out of how bad each party is from the opposite side of the aisle.  It's too bad.   .

Definitely, Amanda.  I saw a lot of partisan divide in both of their speeches, which is a shame.
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It is ashame but not surprising.  There are two totally opposing visions for this country.  not sure how to intermingle those.  I'm more conservative and will say that the liberal agenda makes me very uncomfortable.  I can only imagine if I were farther right and imagine those at the far left feel like those on the right are completely wrong.  We are just at a point where people literally want different things for this country and we are all pretty divided.  The only thing I can think of is to find the common areas in the middle and focus on those as peace offerings and then branch out from there.  
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What is interesting (well, interesting from my perspective, but probably quite frustrating if you are American) is that I truly do believe both parties and probably the majority of American citizens DO want the same outcomes for their country.  Economic stability, prosperity, equality, etc. etc.  I think most people have their hearts and minds in the right place.  There are just two completely opposing views of how to get there.  Social issues are different....people everywhere have always been and will probably remain quite divided, and that's fine.  But the major issues people agree on what they want to happen, just differ on the path there.

I still think the true problem comes down to politicians more interested in power and being right then in doing what is right.  Surely the two parties could both make more concessions and meet more in the middle if they tried.  It just feels like they aren't even trying right now.  No wonder Americans are so darned frustrated.  I would be too.  Heck, I am just as an observer.
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SM: you nailed it. The (2) "opposing" sides, want (2) COMPLETELY different things, as far as the direction of the country is concerned.

I work hard so I can get ahead

Let others work hard so that those others can provide for those that don't want to work hard

In my humble opinion... the Left's opinion, is that the Right exists to provide for them and the common good.

Without the Right, the Left becomes non existent.

Not true, of the other way around. If the left didn't exist, the Right would keep on trucking.

That's ONE point that I think escapes the Left. Without the Right, and the "revenue" they suck from us, they cannot exist.

As I said, not true of the other way around. Without them, we'd be just fine and dandy.
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Oh El.  Whatever am I going to do with you!!  It is no more true that the left wants everything handed to them then it is that the right only cares about themselves.  Those sterotypes are the kinda thing that get people into trouble.

Most PEOPLE care about others, work hard (or would like to) and are just all around good folks who want a decent life for themselves and their children.  Right and left really doesn't define who someone is as a human being.  At least I don't think so.  I know plenty of decent hardworking caring giving folks who identify with both parties.
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Having the minimum wage raised so those who work hard can earn enough to not be entirely impoverished is not what I call having others work hard to provide things for them.

Stop insulting people just because they don't agree with your version of reality !
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"Stop insulting people just because they don't agree with your version of reality..."

You know that my comment wasn't directed at anyone in particular, right? I guess I'm not sure what/who you're referring to, when you say "...insulting people...".

And I'll edit what I said.

Before: Let others work hard so that those others can provide for those that don't want to work hard

After: Let others work hard so that those others can provide for those that don't HAVE AS MUCH

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Sorry Amanda...

That last comment was meant for ORPHANEDHAWK.

And OH... I'm still very curious who I was insulting. It's my opinion, right wrong or indifferent, and if my comment offends "people", then I apologize.

Doesn't make it any less right wrong or indifferent!
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Nobody insulted anyone.  You took the mans opinion and were offended by it.  He didn't name you out in his post.  Sheesh people....  (Everyone can have an opinion, just as long as it matches yours, eh?)
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The minimum wage thing irks me.  

I will say, I don't have a problem raising it because it's just a normal move, to keep up with inflation, etc.

BUT, to say it needs raised because a person cannot raise a family or 4, 5, 6 on it I strongly disagree.  Back to the same argument I suppose.  For starters, minimum wage jobs aren't really set up to be a career, or something a person should even PLAN on raising a family on.  Historically, those jobs were for HS kids, college kids, and the untrained worker (who maybe was supporting himself).

For me, it goes back to accountability.  I don't want to HEAR that a family of 4+ is struggling to make ends meet living off a min wage job, of course they would!  It's up to each person to do what they need to to support their family.  If you're going to HAVE a family of 4 or whatever, then get an educationm, or seek ouit a trade, and get a higher paying job!  No one should be setting out to raise a family on a min wage job.  That's insanity!

There are PLENTY of higher paying jobs out there..take the construction field for example...it's impossible to find people to DO those jobs because a lot of people don't want to do that kind of hard, demanding physical labor.  

My husband pays well...he'll start someone out at $12 for a general laborer.  That's NO experience required...just someone willing to work.  He also offers at LEAST a dollar an hour raise every year (usually the first at 6 months).  In all our years in business...it's been impossible to find a good laborer.  They will last a few weeks or so.

So, while I'm all for the raising of min wage to keep up with our economy, I wholeheartedly disagree that it should be raised to allow people to raise families.  Not one person should be okay with that.  Basically, we're lowering that bar again by approaching it like that.  We're saying..."it's OKAY for you want to raise a family on only a min wage job, so we'll raise it for you.".  That's not what a minimum wage job should be about.

Now, believe me, I understand life happens and that sometimes that's all a person can find, maybe they're out of work, whatever.  I'm not talking about a transition situation.  IN those situations, a person should be eligible for some help.  I'm talking about the people who "settle" for these lower paying jobs with no attempt to seek out something better...and complain about struggling.
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Somebody above mentioned something along the lines of "if you pay them more, they will work harder".  I can't buy into that.  For some, a small percentage, that may be true.

I've been in management for the last 22 years.  In those 22 years, I've never seen that theory work out.  In both positions I've held, we often paid more than our competitors with the thought that we would embrace a harder working employee.  Truth is, I hired a lot of great workers who took a lot of personal pride in the job they did, simply because their name was on that job at the end of the day.  

I have also hired people who could not wait to get off work, did just enough to not get them fired... and that eventually was enough to get them fired.  Their intensity began to wane.  Those with drive saw the potential for advancement right in front of them.  Those people knew that they would be rewarded one way or another for their efforts.

When I was in the bar business, I hired and rehired a guy who had been a professional "smoke jumper".  (Those are the guys that jump from airplanes to fight forest fires.)  This guy knew a hard days work.  When I hired him, he had worked at the club before, in a starting level position.  His past experience with us got him rehired and he said the most awkward thing to me when I hired him.  "I don't want to advance.  I want the bar back position because I know everything there is to know about that job and where I fit in here with that position.  I know and understand the wage and it is no problem.  I also know that the more I do for the bartenders and the waitresses, the more tip money I put in my pocket.  This is about lifestyle.  I'm too old to jump from planes and that's what I love to do.  This job will allow me to pay the bills, put a little something away and afford me all of the time I want to go camping and fishing."

That guy was as dependable as the second hand on a digital watch.  Never had to check on him, and he never left anything undone.  It was about work ethic and having his name on that job at the end of the day.  

That is a rarity!  I hired many people who were great at their jobs.  They did what they did for the "team". The ones who didn't last (of their own doing) were the ones who were "above" the job, but tried to stick with it because it was a job.  They simply didn't care, and it showed.  They were also the ones who could not believe it when they were fired.
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"Somebody above mentioned something along the lines of "if you pay them more, they will work harder".  I can't buy into that.  For some, a small percentage, that may be true."

I can testify to that. Some will work harder but my experience has been, I have lost count on how many people I have gotten raises for. They well deserved them at the time. Not much time after they get their raise, they start missing work or slacking off. One even had the audacity to tell me now; he can afford to take off work!
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I think it is hard to find good, motivated employees across the board these days.  I really do.  From youth to older folks, a strong work ethic seems a quality that can be hard to come by.  Not just min. wage earners but throughout all situations.
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I had this guy that missed a day almost every week. When I confronted him about it he said he works 4 days a week because he can’t make it on 3. Needless to say, I got rid of him.
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