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Gestational Diabetes

I was just told that I am positive for Gestational Diabetes. So now I have High Blood pressure and Gestational Diabetes. Looks like I am in for some stressful times. Is there anyone in the group affected by any of these conditions?
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I'm sorry to hear that.  I took my glucose test already and it came back normal for the doctor, but high for me.  I am hypoglycemic, I usually have low glucose levels and low blood pressure.  I tried to explain this to my doctor, but I do not think that they took it seriously because of my weight.  She keep expecting  me to have hypertension but the highest it has been during this pregnancy is 132/84 and that was on a stressful day for me. Eventhough it's not easy try to minimize your stress for you and the baby.  I will keep you two in my prayers.
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So sorry to hear that. So far my blood pressure has been normal (high for me but still normal) and I have my gestational diabetes test next month. Hopefully they get everything under control for you and you and baby remain healthy.
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