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Anybody else getting knee ache/pain?

I've been experiencing terrible knee aches its so uncomfortable that its hard to sleep. I think I might have arthritis (because I used to pop my knees A LOT as a kid) but my doctor just said "oh thats just what pregnancy does to you". So I was just wondering if anybody else is getting this or is it just me? It started when I would criss cross my legs and my knees would hurt so bad that I couldn't uncross my legs. But now its whenever I bend my knees. Hopefully its not just me. Btw I'm 7 weeks and 3 days with an edd of november 22nd 2012.
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I'm not having knee aches but my legs have felt sore in the middle of the night almost like restless leg syndrome. I have also pulled a muscle in my leg during my sleep a couple times this past week. That really hurts. I think your doctor is right and it is the pregnancy causing your sore knees. I read that most of your ligaments begin to soften during pregnancy so maybe that is why.
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