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Welcome Moms! Introductions

Please feel free to make a short post about yourself so we can refer to it when we unfortunately forget the details. :)

My name is Alyssa (31y/o). I live in the Seattle area. I'm due Nov 15th. This is my 5th child. I have three boys and one girl. Oldest 9 and youngest is 4.  I work as an ultrasound technologist.  Feel free to ask questions if you think I might be able to help you.
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Hi, my name is Jenny, I am 39 and I live in Chicago area. My due date is November 16 but I am pregnant with twins so most likely they will be a bit early. I have a 19 year old son. These will be my husband's first children. I had an early miscarriage last June so I was very relieved when I had my 1st u/s at 6 wks 3 dys and got to see that both babies had healthy heart beats. I can't wait to see them again. I will feel much better once I get to 2nd trimester. Thank you for starting this group. I hope others will join us soon.
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Hi my name is Brittany I am 22 and I live in Montana, My EDD is November 27th! I havent had an U/S yet:) This will be our Second child and we are hoping for a precious girl or twins;)))
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My name is Jordan and I'm 18 I live in Washington. My edd is November 22 2012 and I'm 7 weeks and 3 days today. My first ultrasound will be on the 25th of this month and I'm so excited to see how our baby is growing :)
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My name is Kathy i'm 8 Weeks today going for my 2nd ultrasound on Friday. I live in the Los Angeles area and I just turned 25. Its my husband and I first baby , good vibes and positive thoughts for our pregnancies to go well. :)
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My name is Gina & im 18 and 10 Weeks i live in Fort Worth Tx. My Edd is November 2nd(: My next Doc. App is April 23.
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Hey guys :) its nice to see more november mommas joining the group :) Welcome!
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Hi everyone!  I'm 13 weeks along and due 12/4 but will be having a c-section at 39 weeks, so my 2nd little peanut will be here November 27-28 :)
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Hey im soul,25 (y/o),recently married with a great DH.This is my first preg.im due on 20th Nov:)
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