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Cat Losing Weight and Fur Loss

About two months ago, I discovered that my cat lost one of her canine teeth. She had trouble eating and has lost a lot of weight. I also noticed that she drooled.  In a few weeks, I also observed that her fur became crusty. After a couple weeks she began losing a lot of fur. Now, she seems to be eating better because we give her appropriate food. But, she is still drooling and is missing a lot of her fur from her legs, some on her tail, and some on her ears and face. We can't take her to the vet right now because we don't have enough money. Can you provide any help on what could be causing the fur loss and drooling? What can we do to help her get better?
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If your lost one of her teeth, it is likely that she has other dental problems.  It is rare that cats will have only one bad tooth.  She may have other infected teeth or resorptive lesions which are very common in cats.  They can be painful causing the drooling.  Cats can also get severe gingivitis which can cause drooling.  Without seeing her myself, there is no way to know what is causing the drooling.

The hair loss could also be caused by several things.  It could be that she is grooming her fur excessively or that she has parasites on her skin or an allergy.  

It sounds like she really needs to have an exam by a veterinarian and some basic blood testing.  There are many things that can start happening in an older cat and the only way to know is with a good physical exam and blood tests.  If she has dental disease, it will only get worse and more expensive to treat.

Many vets will offer payment plans or CareCredit.  You should at least have an exam done and talk to the vet about what he/she finds.  Let them know that you are concerned about the cost and need to do one step at a time.

I hope she does better.

Judy Karnia, DVM
Scottsdale Cat Clinic
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