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Loss of bowel control on Hill's R/D

My cat has lost control of bowels on Hill's R/D .  She poops all over the house...does not appear to know when she is going to poop.  She looks surprised and runs for the box, but does not make it.  The poop is very dry. I cannot make her drink more water. She gets 1/4 cup food twice a day.  
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I would talk to your veterinarian about changing your cat's diet.  By switching her slowly to canned food you can increase her water intake in her food which should help the dryness of the stool.  There may be too much fiber for her in the R/D which is triggering the frequent defecation.  There are other effective low calorie food such as Royal Canin Calorie Control and Purina OM.  Ask your vet which diet would be best and have him/her calculate calories for your cat based on a canned or canned and dry diet.

Judy Karnia, DVM
Scottsdale Cat Clinic
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