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Ok to feed whole ground mouse to CRF cat?

My 18 or so yr old cat was dx with CRF 2 yrs ago and HTN on enalipril 2.5mg daily and Azodyl. I had managed her on cheap food like Meow Mix and added Aluminum powder to bind the phosphorous.  She refuses to eat the prescription CRF low protein food (or any food for that matter).  I've done food trials with her over the past 2 yrs and have to feed her what she'll eat just to keep her alive.  Anyway, over the last 6 months she'd been vomiting daily and losing weight.  So I decided to start feeding her raw ground mouse carcus.  I mix it in with a little of the cheap food but want to eventually get to 100% mouse.  She's currently eating 1.5 lbs of mouse a week plus some cheapy food.

  I'm also giving her a supplement called RenaFood (which is for humans with kidney problems) and another supplement of micro algae made for pets that contains spirulina.  I've been doing this for one month.  She's looking fatter, has a very good appetitie and has only vomited once in one month (and I think that was because hubby gave her all cheapy food with no mouse mixed in).  Her natural coat color is black but had turned an orange color in areas she licks, it's now black again since eating mouse.  She had also started to get real frail- -like I'd pet her and her whole body would sway as if she could tip over.  She is now doing so much better, is going outside again, jumping on furniture, going for walks around the yard.  Her general health seems to be improving, eyes look shiney again.

My questions

What do you vets think of my routine?  Could I be causing more harm than good?

Once I go 100% raw mouse will I need to add other supplements to her food?  Here is the nutrition content of the mouse:  4 oz mouse has 2400mg taurine (some lost to freezing), calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of 1.1:1, has 3 percent carbohydrates, consists of about 57 percent crude protein, and contains 23 percent fat.

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As long as the mouse is from a source where it is guaranteed to be free of parasites, bacteria, and additives other than vitamins and minerals it should be safe for your cat.  I do not know how your source can guarantee a "clean" product, however, so good luck.  Cooking the mouse would be better idea for an 18 year old cat to help protect her from parasites and infection.  

Your healthy regimen would be improved with the additions of a holistic multi-vitamin combination for cats which includes vitamin C, all the B-Complex vitamins and Vitamin D;  Rehmannia 8, a Chinese herbal formula for kidney disease (available online),  and a gentle human pediatric digestive enzyme (available at health food stores or online) if you must feed raw mouse.

Additionally, I would use the either Phoslo or Epikitin available from your veterinarian instead of the aluminum powder as a phosphate binder.
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