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food mixtures

I feed my ten year old husky/chow mix canned pedigree twice a day, with an antiacid. I was wondering whether dogs are able to eat mashed potatoes or cherrios. I don't want do give her something that might upset her stomach, or make her sick. She has cancer and has lost a lot of weight, now that it is getting much colder, I need to bulk her up. But of course money is low and I need to find more alternatives. My idea was to mix the mashed potatoes with the canned pedigree, is this ok??
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I'm so sorry she has a CA diagnosis.  There are lots of resources on the internet to help you with supportive care etc.  

I assume you give an antiacid because she has had an upset stomach in the past?  Canned grocery brand dog good can directly cause an upset stomach.  Perhaps experimenting with higher quality food either canned or dry or mixture would help her nutritional support without upsetting her stomach.  

Dr. Osborne or Dr. Cheng may wish to add some therapies for nutritional support of cancer.  

Remember CARBS once digested and metabolize turn to energy and FAT.  Fat is not what you want on an older inactive dog.  Balance carb intake with protein and you will be better off.  All dog foods are pretty well balanced in this regard off the shelf.  However as soon as you add potatoes and cheerios you have ONLY added carbs that will cause her insulin levels to go up and store the carb energy as fat.  

I would try to find a high quality canned or dry food that is - in and of itself - balanced and will be properly digested.  Ask a veterinarian about Hill's products, or ask a pet store manager (or someone that has good nutritional knowledge) about a high quality food off the shelf.  

Frankly in the long run, while these may run a bit more per can, you won't have to use other supplements and you will spend less time, money and give her better nutrition.  

I wish her and you well in her struggle with cancer.  
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Hi - sorry she had cancer :  here is a great food recipe for dogs with cancer:
see here:


The following home-made cancer diet can be given to any pup with cancer, and follows the "low carbs, high fat, moderate protein" principle. It is important to understand that some additional supplementation (eg. high-quality Iron-free multi vitamin) is needed for complete nutrition.

1 cup cooked brown rice

2 eggs hard boiled

1 teaspoon Flax Oil

( make sure you grate them...food processor)
1 cup grated, lightly steamed or raw organic vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, bok-choy, cabbage, tomatoes etc…)

½ cup low-fat cottage cheese

½ cup cooked beef or fully cooked chicken or turkey  **(immune suppression from chemotherapy makes bacterial contamination a danger, so be sure to cook all meat thoroughly)
MUST cook all meats...

This is enough food for a 15-20 lb pooch for one day (double the above amounts for a 30-40 lb pup; triple the amounts for a 50-60lb).
It should be fed in 2-4 servings at room temperature.
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