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Best food for anaemic cat?

My cats severely anaemic. Any cat or human foods anyone knows that's v good quality and would help?
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Hello lola200677,

First of all, how do you know you cat is anaemic ? Has this been discovered
in a blood test given by a vet ?  Your vet would be the best person to advise you what type of cat food would be best for your cat. :)
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Hi, Im not really sure about anemic cat food but I know how you can avoid many diseases in the future. I just lost my cat with lots of health issues, such as bad teeth, arthritis, liver dysfunction, kidney and the heart. I made a huge research on internet before and after his death and shortly I would say never feed your cat commercial or even worse dry food. I cannot understand how the factories and veterinary claim that it's a balanced diet for your kitty if there you can find very little amount of meat and it's absolutely processed food and plenty of grains, rice, sugar, vegetables,salt ( dry food even have different type of fungus and no moisture). Its all poison to your love one. Cats are absolute carnivores in their nature, they don't have enzymes to digest all this. If you feed them daily they get constant inflammation in there little bodies, that could cause gum inflammation, diabetes, kidney diseases, liver, thyroid and finally heart problems  and then you treating them in veterinary for crazy amounts of euros because you love them soooo much and the worse that the most medication more killing them then healing. Im not saying that there is no other reasons for that, but the huge difference in your pet health is right FOOD.They need just fresh meats and poultry, taurine, omega 3 and some other nutrients in their diet. You can easily make it yourself just google raw food for cats, or buy a bit more expensive ready made frozen raw food. Please please please stop poisoning your BEST FRIENDS!
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