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Dog digestive questions?

Hello all - we have two labs (brother and sister) who just turned 2 last week.
Since we have had them, they have had digestion problems - lots of gas, loose stools (unless we intervene) and the girl has consistent problems with upset stomach.

They eat California Natural (Rice and Chicken formula) twice a day (we thought breaking up the food into two smaller meals would help) We have tried other foods, but with worse gas problems than this - this is the easiest on their systems.
We add bone meal (1/4 tsp to night feeding only) and Linatone Plus (vitamins) - we did try raw bones, but they could not handle it and ended up with severe diarhea and bone chips in their guts to the point of vet visits to try to help them. Bone seemed to help firm up the stools, though, so we started adding the ground bone meal to dinners.

We have tried to take away the bone with the stools loosening up (in the past) - we have not tried it in a few months.,
We are wondering if now that they are two, they might not need the calcium so much and are wondering if raw pumpkin might not be an ok substitute.

Does anyone have any information, ideas, or feedback?
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Have you tried a grain free formula at some point?  It could be the rice that is bothering them.  

A fish/potatoe diet (natural balance, wellness both have one) could show if food allergies are a problem.  

A probiotic supplement may also help a bit (eagle pack sells a powder that is added to the food).

Go natural has a couple really good allergy formulas as well.  

Make sure they aren't getting into cleaning products or things outside as well that could be upsetting their stomachs.  Don't feed rawhide (hard to digest) and watch your treats too!  There are brands (pure bites) that have straight chicken, fish, beef liver or cheese treats with no other ingreidnets.  
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try plain Yogurt TBL 1 a day worked for my pup , I now give 7 month 2 spoon
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High quality animal proteins and low carbs.  Bone marrow can cause loose stool due to it being so rich.  I made the switch to grain free and the dogs coat skin teeth and behavior all improved and feeding was cut in half per recommended servings and stools were firm and far less in a few days.   Brand is Acana from champion foods and it got rid of the gas and itching quickly and has everything needed including pre and probiotics with no crap or fillers.

Could also be a some element of stress which is something I had to work on being relaxed and positive when I really wanted to be hovering over them and doing anything I could.
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i feed my dogs grain food , too  no corn either  i use pure balance ;)
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