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Tylan Soluable powder

How do I get my 11 month old kitten to ingest Tylan?  It smells really bitter.  I've sprinkled on the wet food, mixed in the wet food, tried to mix with water (it clumped in to a ball), mixed with tuna...no luck on anything.  She can smell it (even over the smell of tuna).  Can't blame her for not eating it.  I don't think I would either.  But, 4 months of diarrhea, (with some blood) antibiotics, tons of tests, changing foods many times (even using the Hill's I/D), adding pumpkin, anti-diarrhea medication - all to no avail.  I feel bad for the little girl.  She should be experiencing all those things that kittens do.  Any recommendations on getting the Tylan in to her?  Any other thoughts on cures?  Desperately need advice.  

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It should be compounded or put into small empty gelatin capsules.
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According to me you should go to vet and ask for correct medication or also you can refer http://britishgrit.com/. They can also guide in appropriate manner.
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