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What should i feed my dog? With an enlarged Heart

I am thinking about getting her off reg dog food all together. They say there is to much salt in reg. dog food is that true? I had a dog that lived for 19 years all i feed him was boil chicken and turkey and sometimes beef mix with rice peas and carrots mix together everyone told me he should eat dog food, but he never like dog food and he lived to be 19, so i did something right. he was a corgie mix about 30lb he died about 1 and half years ago. cherry I had her now for three years now; the vet say, she maybe between 6&8 years old 11bs.,. She is a jack russell terrier some people think she  may be mix with a hot dog , dog, but to me she looks think a full breed jack russell terrier' i'll send a photo. The vet has her on enalapril a half a tablet a day. I am just trying to keep my baby around for a long time
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What should I feed an 11 year old dog wwho now has an enlarged heart? How long can he live taking Vetmedin?
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sorry there is NO longer a Vet replying on this site....can you repost this question on the general forum, there is a Vet there just may take a few days for a reply....-)

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