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Eating match stick head is due to iron deficiency?

Hi, I started eating match stick heads 3 months back. I used to consume 5-10 match stick heads a day. But in a month I had constant low Blood Pressure and around 99 Fahrenheit temperature. Blood test showed low Rbc count and haemoglobin. I m still taking around 1-2 match stick head in one or two days. I m really working on myself to not take it. I want to ask if this is due to iron deficiency or it is the cause of iron deficiency in me.
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This is a condition known as pica, I think.  You might be doing it for any number of reasons, but mineral deficiency can be one of them.  I don't think iron would be one of them, though.  
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I am anemic. My iron level is a 6.5, which is very low. Used to eat match heads for years. Have stopped now, thank God.

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