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I need to get a flat stomach for summer how do I get one fast with out dieting

What are good exercises for a flat stomach???
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Best way that helped me after years of baby fat and health issues was to eat less sugar. Eat less gluten and never skip a meal or starve myself. Drink plenty of water when you feel like running to get a snack you don't need. Also eating good fats and less bad fats. If you want to lose weight I would say go for a long walk. Running tires you out easily and is very bad for the knees. You can lose just as much calories by doing a fast paced walk. If you want to tone your stomach. Pilates and ballet helped me a lot to trim my waist. Good luck.
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Well, it is long into summer, so it's a bit late to be thinking about this.  You haven't said what you look like now, but not everyone is genetically able to get a flat stomach -- often the athletes you see with those great rippled flat stomachs are on steroids, and most of the flat stomachs are in young people who are naturally thin.  Women in particular need some extra room in order to deliver children.  But if your body is capable of getting a flat stomach, abdominal exercises are the category you want to look up, and You Tube should give you examples of hundreds of different exercises that work this area of the body.  Make sure you don't do ones that hurt the back.  If you have belly fat and you're thin elsewhere, this is usually due to eating too many simple carbs, such as sugar, alcoholic drinks,and white flour.  Sugar not burned is stored as fat, and the first place it goes in most people, especially if you're thin, is the belly.
I should have added, cardio is important here as well, as it burns a lot of calories off.
And I also should have added, the notion of a flat stomach is a relatively new one.  If you look at photos of any tribal people you will only see flat stomachs where there's a food shortage.  This is a cosmetic preference of our civilization -- and we all have it! -- but it's not important.  What's important is to be healthy and not overweight, so don't do anything unhealthy to look a certain way.  That's my opinion -- nobody else on these forums agrees with me.
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"nobody else on these forums agrees with me"
Pax, Don't say that! I think it's just I. :>)
I think you meant to say just me, but no, every time the issue of a flat stomach comes up I'm pretty much alone in my views on this forum, though not in the world of health.  There's a vast difference between health and the way people now fixate on big muscles, which obviously take too much work and nutrition to maintain to have been a good survival mechanism, and flat stomachs, which aren't natural.  But so it goes.
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