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low thiamine level. PLEASE HELP

Can low thiamine levels cause these symptoms?
For the past 6 months I been experiencing all these symptoms listed below.
I did a bunch of blood work and everything came back normal.
Did MRI/CT scan. Ecocardiogram. You name it!

The only abnormal things were.
Low hemoglobin
and I got a low Thiamine level.. It is not VERY low, but low enough that I should take supplements.To me it does not make sense that this can be the cause of all these symptoms. These symptoms are effecting my daily living..

*Irregular heart beat ... from 110-180.... it is higher when I stand.orthostatic intolerance
*joint pain
*muscle pain
*chest pain
*shortness of breath
*bones cracking (every bones in my body started to crack.. back just by moving, neck.. you name it)
*hot flashes
*memory problems...
*neck/lower back pain
*pains that feels like needles going through my skin
*stiff neck.

*** MUSCLE TWITCHING ALL THE TIME ALL OVER MY BODY, especially hands and legs.
and many more symptoms

*I don't drink or smoke.
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Thiamin deficiency can be caused from drug/supplement interactions, such as diuretics, phenytoin, or Vitamin B-complex vitamin supplementation. People with renal failure, who are on peritoneal dialysis, need thiamin as well as the elderly and people with a history of alcohol abuse. The symptoms of thiamin deficiency, called Beriberi, maybe peripheral neuropathy, muscle atrophy, and/or cardiovascular issues. The RDA for women is 1.1mg supplementation, however, it is found in our foods. Meat (pork, chicken, and beef), legumes, whole grains and seeds are the best sources of thiamin. Suggest you see your MD if your symptoms do not decrease with supplementation.
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