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3 yo with frequent strange bowel movements

I think my 3 yo may have a food allergy, but we have not pinpointed it. His bowel movements have not been normal since he started eating a lot of solids @ 12 months old (even before we weaned him from breast to cow's milk). I took him to the doctor for it once, and she said he keeps picking up viruses, which I don't believe because for one thing, my other 3 kids don't pick them up.

He doesn't have a rash or any other symptoms aside from occasional severe pain in his leg (started about a year ago), which I don't think is related. We did have his leg x-rayed and examined by a pediatric orthopedist who said there was nothing wrong.

When we try taking him off different types of food, his bm's will change but are still not normal, and he goes at least 3-4 times a day. Sometimes the bm is grainy and dry, sometimes runny, and sometimes greasy. He is very small for his age but that is normal for my husband's family, and he (my 3yo) is not horribly thin, just small built and somewhat short. His activity level is normal and he doesn't seem irritable, he's actually very easygoing and sweet. I have had trouble potty training him because he poops so often and doesn't seem to realize it's coming.

Could this be a food allergy, and how should we find out?
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You stated you have stopped some foods. Have you stopped all dairy products, yogurt, pudding, and cheeses? Suggest using soy yogurt, soy pudding, and soy cheese in place of dairy products and see how his stools are. Children can move their bowels normally 3-4 times a day. If you are still concerned, then suggest going to Allergist to find out if he has an allergy.
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In addition to the sensible approach of excluding the most likely culprit foods - and at that age dairy would be the first one to rule out - it'd also be good to stabilize gut flora with a (non-dairy) paediatric probiotic product, which may also help to stabilize gastrointestinal symptoms.

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