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460 calories a day

Hi i am an 18 year old girl roughly 5ft10 to 5ft11 and my bmi is within normal range. I really hate my body but i've never really had any problems with eating in the past except becoming ectreemly intolerrent to nuts over night lol
Recently i have become very obsessed with calories and its never bothered me before. I am currently consuming on average 460 calories a day. I know this is bad and i know the risks so i don't know why i am doing this !!!
I can't eat anything unless i have measured it out on scales first. like today i ate ready break and it said one serving 30g but it came to 32 and i HAD to take off the extra and finally settled on 28g. I had a glass of milk but i measured it in a jug so that i new exactly how much calories i had. I am currently exercising quite a lot and i am at uni all day and then going up to the stables and riding in the evening. I know that this is bad but it makes me feel so good and happy. This literally happend over night and has only been going on for about a week. I am rapidly loosing weight already but i heard that this is water weight which will return pluss more. I am drinking a normal amount of water yet my throat feels constantly dry. Before this my weight has been very steady. I am getting really irritable around people eating and feel angry yet i am not really craving food. I know this is very early but i already feel like i am getting sucked into it. How much longer will this sustain me ?
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can you try not measuring food?

maybe focusing your obessive/compulsive behavior on something else like if its organic or not and free of pesticides/fungicides/herbicides/antibiotics/growth hormones...im not trying to joke or be sarcastic but to offer an alernative for your pathology...

eat healthy! eat organic! eat local!

good luck
peace be
love free

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You are on the path to anorexia. If you keep this up you will stop menstruating. If you still keep it up your family will put you in the hospital. I don't understand anorexia because the girls subject to it get so thin that they lose all the curves that make them female and they become  - ugly. Yes, ugly. Think about it. Are you rejecting your femaleness? Are you rejecting men and sexuality? You say you are not hungry. But you are not hungry for a reason that has nothing to do with food. You are purpoely destroying yourself. You have to find out why.
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