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Ammonia smell

I have been on a diet for the last 5 weeks and eating balanced meals and snacks throughout the day, as I am also diabetic.   I started experiencing back pain about a week ago, and went to the dr on Friday, she didnt feel it was my kidneys, but did a urinalysis and said there was no infection, urine was clear.   but sent it off anyway, and will get back to me, one thing I didnt mention to her was the smell of Ammonia I had started smelling the day before.  Its not on my skin, or anything, I do bathe everyday and use soap.  But just in my nose.  I have been a bit snuffy and hoarse the past few days, as a sick co worker refuses to cover her mouth.  , but doc says there is alot of that going around.  She was happy with the 11 lbs loss since starting the diet, and says will not run blood tests just yet, will wait till I drop some more, and hopefully my diabetes is back on check.. would be nice to be off these meds.     But I am wondering about the ammonia smell.. I have read it could be my diet ? or my kidneys failing ?  I am at a loss and just cannot get rid of this smell.. anyone have any similar symptoms or ideas ?
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Did you ask your doctor?
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Yes, but they had no clue.. didn't phase them at all.   Ended up waking up in the middle of the night with extreme back and abdominal pain..  I passed a kidney stone.. Spent the whole day yesterday at the hospital, going thru xrays and cat scan and egk tests, and they never heard of that either..    But getting ready to go thru a bunch more tests too
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Good call on the liver!  It is odd to suddenly get a kidney stone, but look at the bright side -- you only suffered a day.  Hope it works out.
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Sorry, meant kidneys, not liver.  I personally have brain stones.
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The ammonia smell is in my nose and nowhere else, not not urine, not my skin,  Its strange. And I drink 8 - 10 glasses of water a day.
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