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Anyone use Omega Q plus from Dr Sinatra?


Has anyone used Omega Q plus?

I am a 28 y/o female, 5'1" and 115 lbs. I eat well and exercise occasionally.
My total cholesterol is 285.
Triglycerides 119
HDL 61
LDL 200

My dr wants to put me on meds and i would like to try to avoid that. she suggested taking coq10 and fish oil. I did some research and found Omega Q plus by dr Sinatra.


Wondering if anyone has taken this and if it has been successful for you?

thank you =]
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CoQ10 Supplements, by Dr Sinatra

I've been taking it for about a month.  I just saw a new site that they launched.  I've seen some improvements, I feel much better.  Just make sure you check with your doctor prior to taking it.  From what I've read, you shouldn't take this product with statin drugs.

Link to Coq10 Supplements by Dr. Sinatra "Try Omega Q Plus":
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Not sure where you read about NOT taking this with statin drugs, but from what I know it is important to take CoQ10 to counter the side effects of statins, especially on the heart.  My wife is a nurse and would support this as she takes both,  I have great concerns about statins and feel much better about her taking the statins along with this supplement.
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Has anyone seen the improvements that they claim on thier website? it would be good to know if it is what they say it is. Or is it "snake oil"?

Just asking a question.
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I am 44 and in good health. I have been using Omega Q Plus for four months. I have not had a doctor evaluation since I began taking the supplement, so can only speak to my personal feelings. I researched the supplement extensively, Dr. Sinatra and Healthy Directions as well. I believe them to not only be very legitimate, but the researchers and suppliers of some of the purest and best absorbed (i.e., most effective) supplements in the market.

Omega Q Plus has a unique form of CoQ10 which makes it more easily absorbed (according to the literature). It also has a robust dose of a B12, which I largely attribute to my general increase in energy since taking the supplement. I must say, this is the first supplement I have taken and which I actually "feel" better -- more alert, more energetic, just more "correct" and "in balance". Again, I would be curious to see what a check-up reveals, but for me I feel it is an essential part of my daily regimen.
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I took this year and my number went up not down.
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Read about Statins, heart disease, the prime cause of cancer, the evils of carbs and much more at  http://brianpeskin.com/.  Prof. Peskin lectures around the world on these subjects and you can read and hear much of this for FREE.  No sign up.  Just go there and start clicking.  Plan on spending hours listening to this man as he is so passionate about getting the truth out to all Americans for the betterment of our health.  

For the best omegas, vitamin and mineral supplements check out these products formulated by Brian Peskin found at:  http://www.yes-supplements.com/  also a lot of Scientific information here for you to read and learn.
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Do you take, or have you heard of "Standard Process" vitamins,etc? I just read on Quackwatch.com that they're a rip-off.  Any comments? Thank you!
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I take Standard Processing Labs vitamins and they are the ONLY ones that do NOT give me a tummy ache. They are outstanding, I do not take any other product but them, As to the CoQ10, yes, the one Dr Sinatra speaks of is excellent. Everyone needs it especially if you are on Statin drugs.
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I took 2 Omega Q Plus per day for 6 months.  Before starting, my HDL and LDL levels were OK but my Triglyceride level was quite high at over 300.  After 6 months on Omega Q Plus, my Triglyceride level was down to 100 (normal), and the HDL/LDL levels were about the same (normal).  The only other change I made was that I cut down from about 7 eggs a week to 3.  Instead of the other 4 eggs, I switched to egg whites.  So, it appears that the Omega Q Plus did help lower my Triglyceride level down to normal.  I did not notice any increase in my energy level which is supposed to be another benefit of the supplements.  I believe they helped me, and I will continue to take them.
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I am a 63 year old female, and I have been on Omega Q Plus for almost 6 months.  After 2.5 months my cholesterol dropped 60 points, my triglycerides dropped 100.  I also take two 500 mgs of cinnamon capsules each day. I do have a lot more energy than I used to,   My last labs were slightly higher, but I blame that on all the junk I ate over the holidays. One more thing though, my sugar which was somewhat elevated in the past, came in at a normal level. Very happy with them - so is my doctor,  
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I had a severe reaction to Statin drugs in 2009..Almost Completely paralyzed; still going to PT.  I began taking Dr. Sinatras Q10 about one month ago - 4 caps per day - and feel so much better.  More energy, less muscle weakness, NO muscle pain. We are trying to lower the Prednisone dosage, and I feel I am finally on the right track with this supplement.  I highly recommend the Q10 Plus....I have repeat blood work on 8/1, and am anxious for the results.
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I am 67 and still pretty full of myself, but I have low HDL (30.1) and need to get it elevated. I have also been told I have moderate blockage in my corotid arteries (could be erelated?) I refuse to take synthetic chemicals that seem to always create more (and often worse) problems for me. I have started exercising more and I eat a healthy diet. But obviously, I am not doing something correctly! I am considering Omega Q Plus.  
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