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Are my symptoms diet-related?

Chronic “drugged,” “drunk-like,” “woozy” feeling in head – Help!

Hi, I’ve been struggling with a chronic head condition since August 2008 and I’m now at wit’s end. Most hours of the day I suffer from this persistent “drugged,” “drunk-like,” “woozy” feeling going on in my head. I wouldn’t, however, really call it dizziness or fogginess.  It’s severely affected my social life (I hardly go out any longer) and I’m barely coping at work. I just can’t seem to resolve this and it’s distressing! I’ve seen several types of doctors/alternative doctors and so far nothing:

Primary Doctor (2x)
Neurologist (1x)
ENT Doctor (1x)
Chiropractor (1x)
Holistic/Nutritionist/Chiropractor (1x)
Upper Cervical Chiropractor (2x)

I’ve had the following tests taken and they all came back NEGATIVE:

- 2 blood tests (among other things, the tests tested for Lyme, Hepatitis C, Mono, AIDS)
- CAT Scan (Sinus, head – w/o contrast) [this did show, however, that I have a deviated septum]
- MRI (Brain)

At this point I DON’T think it’s:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The only other ideas I have right now are:

Some type of Sleeping Disorder (e.g., Sleep Apnea)
Something lacking nutritionally
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

I’m supposed to get a Sleep Study done soon. But I don’t think it could be Sleep Apnea since I don’t fit the description (34 years old, thin). I thought that *maybe* it could be anxiety-related which I definitely suffer from.  I have Benign Fasciculation Syndrome (sporadic twitching) which might have been brought on by stress/anxiety. I also have Tinnitus which may/may not have been induced by anxiety (actually I think it came about from over-exposure to loud music). I’ve made an appointment with a Psychiatrist and I’m praying that he can shed some light on this issue.

Or could I be lacking something in my diet? I kind of find it hard to believe but at this point, I'll try anything!

Any other ideas/advice you might have would GREATLY be appreciated. I want to get on with my life!

Many thanks, Ami
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Wow, looks like you have covered most bases doctor-wise and test wise. However, for some to be effective, like chiropractic, it takes more than one visit, it takes your body some time to respond to the new adjustment. They sure help me.

It sounds like some of the your problem is anxiety/stress related, also, possibly diet. Do you have any know food allergies? These can cause the symptoms you mentioned, so can low blood sugar, have you been checked for that. you might want to try a food elimanation diet, meaning start cutting out certain foods one by one and if you start to feel better, then it might be food related.

Oh, and also environmental allergies/chemical allergies, your symptoms really sound like this could be a problem. Have you painted your house lately, put in new carpet, changed detergents or personal products? These can all cause allergies and the exact symptoms you have mentioned.

A vitamin/mineral deficancy can certainly cause all kinds of problems as well, so you may need to take a good, food grade supplement, the synthetic ones are not that great in my opinion, the body can not assimilate them.

Hope this helps some.
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Try taking vitamin B12--under your tongue--for a few weeks--see if it helps. You can also get a blood test--see if you're low on B12--you can get a shot of B12 or just keep taking it under you tongue
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