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Are nuts so important?

I got an advice to consume a mixture of nuts daily morning(cashew,walnut,groundnut,almond,pista along with dry raisins) about 5 nos each after soaking the same overnight in water.They say in this case I need not have to worry about the cholesterol content in the nuts as it will dissolve in the water which turns grayish and thick in the morning .Is there any scientific base for this.Are the nuts so important to consume daily.Please advice
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Nuts can be part of a healthy diet with lots of variety.  Nuts are nice to include because they are a source of protein, but also high in calories, so don't go overboard if you need to watch calories.  Especially avoid eating too many brazil nuts as they are high in selenium and you can get too much selenium very quickly.
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Hey,thanks for that!
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Is of great importance to include at least 1 serving per day of nuts. almonds although with 5 pieces of natural nuts have 45kcal. but the beneficit is greater help to the cardiovascular because it increases the good fat (HDL) , it should be emphasized that the seeds you buy that are not added salt to these if they are more practical but for the amount of conservatives, sodium and calories and reduces your profit
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Cashew nuts soaked overnight turns black! Why is it so? Is there any harm in eating them?
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There is no harm Caryopteris already mentioned that it is nice to give protein to our body.
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Cashews are one of the fattiest nuts, so go easy on them.  Cholesterol isn't really a problem with nuts; on the contrary, recent recommendations is that most nuts reduce cholesterol.  But some nuts are a lot fattier than others.  Macadamias are very high in fat, so are cashews, almonds are quite a bit less so.  Everything depends.
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