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B6 Toxicity

I can't sleep well from taking B6
i've been taking 100mg on and off for the past 8 months
and now am feeling the side effects
I'm 22 years old
my life has just begun
does anybody get better after 6 months of b6 toxicity? it says on a lot of sites
that damage will heal eventually
should I be worried
I'm so scared right now
how is everyone doing?
and my legs feel like rubber
and have headaches now
and my teeth are sensitive
please just tell me some of you have gotten better
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Thanks for your comment on Vitamin B6 toxicity.  I'm wondering if a long term B6 blood level of 90 (with 2 - 21.1 being normal) could cause sensory neuropathy?  Thank you.
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Hi there,
Vitamin B-6 is essential for maintaining healthy nerves and muscle cells and is useful in the production of DNA and RNA. Vitamin B6 dietary allowance is 2 mg and toxicity may occur on taking 100 mg daily.Headaches, mood changes, severe fatigue, nerve damage are few common side effects reported. There is no prescribed treatment for vitamin b6 toxicity. You may limit the intake of foods and supplements rich in this vitamin to overcome the condition. The span varies person to person and may be as long as 6 months. Do write to me with more queries.
Best luck and regards!
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