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B6 Toxicity

I have had numbness, tingling and burning in my left arm for around 2 years now.  It started getting worse about a year ago and now happens in my arms, legs, face, back, trunk, etc.
I also have a strange feeling (it's hard to describe) like
my body is allergic to itself or something.  Weakness, fatigue, lightheadiness, off balance, and nausea are also some of the symptoms.
I have been sent to different doctors to no avail until this
past week.  I went to a neurologist and he ordered blood tests.
His office called me yesterday and said for me to stop taking my prenatal vitamins (my OB/GYN put me on them about 2 1/2 years ago, said they were the best vitamins anyone can take), because my B6 levels were in the 30's and should only be in the 20's. They said for me to have my blood drawn in a week to have levels rechecked.  My question is, could this really be the cause of all my problems.  If so, can the damage be reversed?

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Vitamin B6 toxcity can cause nerve damage, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs. The good thing is this damage is usually reversible when levels return back to normal.

I am puzzled because B complex vitamins are water soluble so any excess the body doesn't need is washed away in your urine. Are you taking supplements if so you should stop right away because most people can get enough B6 from diet alone. Or you may be eating too much foritifed foods like cereal.
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I take a precription prenatal vitamin that has 10 mg of B6 in it.
My doctor gives me a prescription for it every year when I have my exam because he says it is the best vitamin anyone can take.
I also take a B-12 pill every morning that I startes a few months ago because I thought it might help, but it hasn't.
The doctor checked for B-12 levels also but didn't say anything about that, only the high levels of B6.
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It is true that lack of B-12 will cause neurological problems but this takes years to happen and unless you are a vegitarian you are getting more then enough B-12 from your diet.
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Did you realize that the vitamin and minerals are NOT regulated by the FDA at all?

Questions, please email me at suesana@rea-alp.com
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I was taking b-100 complex, multi vitamins, and b6 alone for a long time.
I am 107 lbs

I had:

electric sensations
muscle weakness

Went to my MD who mentioned b6 toxicity right away, after we talked about what supplements I was taking.

B6 levels came back at 141.

This vitamin is dangerous!  It can cripple you permanently.  

Did your symptoms ever go away?
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