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B6 Toxicity

This is more of a comment than a question, but I would welcome info from anyone who has any experience with this situation. I took a prescription called Folcaps (which had 25 mgs of pyridoxine in it) for a year. In February of 06 I began experiencing symptoms which have now been diagnosed as Pyridoxine (b6) Toxicity Induced Neuropathy. I did not get this diagnosis until August 15, after four MRIs, several specialists and balance testing. My b6 blood level was 81 - the maximum safe level in this test was 32. When reading about b6 toxicity one reads about tingling hands and feet and being "wobbly on your feet" and things of that nature. It can be much more than that. Be careful with Vitamin b6. It's not known if the neurological damage is reversible. Some studies show it is, some show it is not. The damage I have suffered extends to my thyroid, my blood pressure has been lowered (to an unsafe level - it was healthy before), my balance has been damaged - I don't know where my right foot is in space, I've had insomnia, my symptoms are too lengthy to list here. The fatigue that I have been experiencing for the past several months has started to lift now that I've stopped taking the medication, but it is still profound...another hallmark symptom of b6 poisoning. This is a serious toxic situation and one that is not understood by the medical community. I am waiting to find out how much of my life I will get back. I am rebuilding my stamina & neuropathways with an optimistic outlook. And getting the word out. MD's don't know about vitamins. Work with nutritionists. Don't go it solo
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I suffer from IBS like symptoms now and then ,after a few days i get symptoms of vitaminshortage .I figured out that with a good low dosed multi these symptoms disappeared and it helps to stop the IBS /diarrhea .As long as i had these IBS  it works well.The moment everything went normal ,just a few days after it ,i get a sort of burning(arms) skin and a foggy brain.Somehow resorption is repared now (after diarrhea has stopped)and i directly get overdose symptomes.I red al lot on this site and i am convinced it's caused bij overdose.The last time muscletwitching(small fingermovements,like you're very nervous) and some visionblurring could be added,so thanks to your site i know it's the B6 .
I normally stop using the vitamines after these side-effects occur and restart when IBS return .So i don't use chronically.So i could use myself as a real testobject though.
This time i didn't stop using it but changed it for a different form of the same brand with zero B6 ,and other vitamins in comparable dose as the one i earlier used .
Within 24 hours twitching and skinburncomplaints halved ,and after 48 hours completely disappeared.
Mind you,that the multi i used only had 5 mg of B6 in it,even taking a half tablet (2,5 mg) dit reduce twitching.
I am from Europe and i am stunned by the huge doses people use in the US ,although these highdosed pills are sold here too,they are not so very promoted here.
Thanks for the great site.
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Wanted to post an update to my struggle:
All the symptoms I described in my previous post (muscle twitches, numbness, aches) started shortly after I started taking vitamin supplements (among them B6 100mg).  When my B6 level was tested it came back over 400 nmol/L B6.  I stopped taking all vitamins right after the B6 test.  That was about 6 months ago.

Nowdays I still get a lot of muscle twitches (they vary day by day, mostly muscle will twitch just a few seconds, although couple of times I had muscle on my arm in one case and leg in another case twitch for a few hours).  Occasionally I get numbing feeling in my limbs.  I also have Myoclonic jerks before falling asleep (I do not remember them before B6 troubles started).

I went to the Mayo Clinic hoping they can put some diagnosis on my symptoms.  In Mayo the Neurologist did the usual neuro tests (muscle reflexes, walking etc) and sent me to do some blood work (including Lime disease which came negative) and EMG.
The diagnosis they came back with was Benign Fasciculation Syndrome (BFS).  I do believe that my symptoms and symptoms of many people on this board match those of BFS.

Right now I'm on glutten free diet (I have Hashimoto's/thyroid issues) and in general try to eat mostly unprocessed foods.  Don't know what else I can do - the doctor had basically no suggestions...  I'm very hesitant to do any vitamins again.  Considering going for more organic foods (I've read some fertilizers (phosphates) can cause nerve damage as well, but not convinced on that since it is just another guess and it would have a significant burden on the wallet.  Probably will just continue the wait and see what happens game.
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Yes, among the many people with BFS, a percentage would be B6 toxic.

Do you get muscle pains?
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I took my last b6 about 8 days ago and I an mow very sick again.  Pain. Pain.
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I don't really get muscle pain.  I get Muscle twitches, which currently have have quite a bit more often and more pronounced then 6 months ago when I stopped taking B6.  And arm/finger numbing at night.
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Exercise definitely makes the symptoms worse. Maybe it will eventually help.
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Does anyone here get bad flu like sysyoms? Past 3 days id felt so sick and fluish just exsaused just comes out nower any advise would be great.
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Yes I always get flu like symptoms. It also comes out of nowhere. One minute I can be fine and the next minute literally so sick. Right now I am short of breath with joint pain. I also exercised this morning too.
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Hi thanks for ur reply yes i get pains aswell my eyes are sore because important so tired ears are sore to not good just comes gos.
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Yikes, my B6 hit 900 nmol/L.

Been taking 50mg (sometimes 100) for last 3 years.  Had various strange symptoms, and recently peripheral neuropathy.  Finally figured out the B6 - I guess it was building up in my system over these years.

Problem is, that was 3 months ago, and the people I spoke to were so cavaliar about me taking 50mg/d that I dropped it from 50mg to 10mg without tapering.  Quickly got lots of problems including dizziness and anxiety, extreme muscle wasting (my muscles just dissapeared), eye and liver problems, ie. symptoms of B6 defficiency.

But if I try to increase my dose a little (eg. from 10 up to 15mg) this strange anxiety becomes much worse.  I seem to have become super sensitive to it.

I need some way to give my body what it needs without increasing my B6 - perhaps a different form of B6?

Thought about trying P-5-P to address this, but I would need tiny doses, and as usual the industry only seems to provide huge doses.

Anyone know a form of P-5-P that I could take tiny doses, or have another suggestion?  Thank you!
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So the short version of all this mess: I had numerous neurological symptoms, had all the tests to rule out everything and was found to have a B6 level of 189. It has been over 4 months since I've been off supplements, and symptoms change from week to week. I decided to go see a Naturapath Physician, who did numerous blood and urine tests which showed that my cellular  B6 was deficient.  The reason the B6 in my blood was so high was because it was unable to get into my cells due a  methylation problem in my body.  So I was wondering if all these people who have high B6 in their blood, actually are B6 deficient in their cells.  Both deficiency and toxicity can cause neuropathic symptoms. So now I'm on B6 supplements (P5P) to increase my cellular levels.
Summertime62: A very interesting post!!
   My number (b6) was 95 in May of 2015  - after  SIX months of an overbearing, stifling and crushing type of torso squeezing that circulated around my body from the sternum /rib area. Whatever "it" is, I've had very stiff knees, stiff hands and  a squeezing type feeling in the forearms So it has been - and still is - a (stiffness of my ribs/torso and back, hands and forearms & quads that ends immediately below my knees (which became super stiff in hours) - along with constant concern, much prayer, and continual Doctor visits/searches. I have a very stiff body to say the least. Since then that number has been about the same.
I have typed 2 1/2 page summations to many Doctors in advance of a visit, just so I wouldn't eat up the appointment time just talking about my problems. I just visited my 4th hospital system.
  I developed this 11/26/2014 with rapid onset of only the left side initially. 14 days later the right side "went out" overnight. May 26th will be 2.5 years of steady progression of neuropathic symptoms. I played piano professionally for 45 years. Now my hands are too stiff and fingers too numb to even approach my normal function. Both arms, both legs, and a squeezing of the ribs - with it seemingly emanating from between the shoulder blades - is a constant. I never thought I'd say or think of the words "give up", but I've given up on Doctors. After every diagnostic test, blood test (probably 25) and MRI imaginable, I get a " found nothing" answer consistently.
   The night before the initial onset my "left side" turned numb or semi numb (including ALL body parts) - I had pulled directly left and right while attempting to separate 2 pipes. (Think pull up bar -but at waist level "palms outward"). My left side "went out" from roughly 10am to 6pm the following day. On the 14th day I woke up and the right side had "gone out" while sleeping. All has super slowly gotten worse.
  A Neurologist at Duke noticed I was drinking a "Monster Zero" and advised to think about cutting them back or to possibly stop drinking them. I did so for about 10 days but the problem seemed to get worse. I have a habit of drinking about 5-7 per day and know they contain 4mg of pyridoxine hydrochloride. ** I just cut them out due to being convinced that there is no pinched or entrapped/compressed nerve. What else could it be?? I am adopted and never met my biological parents, thus no medical background to enlighten me.
  Never would I have thought of, much less suspected the things you speak of.
  Thanks in advance all of you who read this and give your opinions. At this point I'm getting literally scared because it just keeps getting worse (very slowly).
  Any opinions are welcome!! ** I should add that I was bitten by a tick 7 months previous to onset but have no negative Lyme results. I understand that about 60% of test are wrong. ** I received a flu and pneumonia vaccine along with a Prednisone shot simultaneously exactly 25 days before onset.
  Having 3 "possible causes" has really confused everyone involved. I can no longer "jog" of play  golf or do anything I could the day before onset. I really thought I had compressed nerves, but the MRI must be stellar. Doctors won't even think about any other imaging.
Help Help Help!!!! and Thank You
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I was taking the 5p5 version of B6 so I don't think this is accurate. I would stay as far away from B6 as I could.
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did any of you have emg changes due to the pyridoxine.
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I did  not have an EMG but I had elevated CPK levels.

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My emg results came back normal
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You mentioned being treated for lyme disease. did you have confirmed test diagnoses, or was it clinical? Im in the same boat, wondering if what I think is lyme is actually very high b6 (my level is 335!).

Did you have high b6 always, or only found out after being treated by naturalpath?>
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hy everyone,i am new here,i am from Europe(Romania),sory for my poor english;i taked for 4 weeks B complex 100(of course  and B6 100 mg per day) because i felt fatigue,i recover my energy but after 4 weeks i feel numbness in my arm and legs...i stoped to take it until 2 days ago and still have numbness in my arms and legs;this is my symptoms....it will get worse even if i stopped take B comlex?it will be other symptoms even if i stoped to take B comlex?how can i lower B6 from my body?eat a lot of watermelon will help me?or drink a lot of water ?please give me advice because i am scared and thx to all
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and a question....how long it will take to recover if i take 4 weeks B complex?
Well im over 2 years still have fatuige issues
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my father was farmer(working on tractor) and working with pesticides,fungicides and insecticides and my mother  give him charcoal for toxin usually....and i read from another site we can treat ovedose with B complex with charcoal;it is good?
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Hi does anyone here find exercise help them? Or feel worse I stopped taking my b complex  2 years ago still have some systoms.
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Hi,  I'm 9 mo post partum.  My B6 level was 163.  I've been off supplements for 10 wks.  2 wks after stopping I've felt more paresthesias.  Is it true that things get worse before they get better & HOW LONG?  I'm wondering if there is something else going on.  Does anyone know of any good doctors in the Los Angeles/Orange County Or California area who  know about B6 toxicity & or MTHFR.
Thank you in advance
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did anyone suffer from acute symptoms in weeks on only a low dose and with a PROXIMAL instead of DISTAL

feature, where pain began not at toes or soles of feet but at the knee or buttocks, and that has been more than 6 months - 1 year, with no change?

only superdoses are supposed to cause dorsal root sensory neuron loss not 50mg a day, but 500mg or in grams a day, a distal far away neuropathy can recover easily in a couple years but a proximal dorsal column will never recover.

neuritis vs ganglionitis
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Like the rest of you, I think I have had B6 toxicity.  

Over a decade ago, I started having tingling, paresthesias, nerve shocks, weird tiredness, brain fog, and post-exertional fatigue.  Blood tests and MRIs were mostly normal, except for a high B6 level.  Over the years I've researched the heck out of B6 toxicity, and haven't really found anything useful.  Everyone just says to stop the B6 and wait for the body to clear it from the tissues, which can take years.

However-- I have stumbled on two things that have helped me.   Maybe these will work for others, too?  Worth a try.

When I take large doses of allithiamine, an oil-based version of vitamin B1 (thiamine), it fixes my fatigue and brain fog very quickly.  I'm back to normal in about 20 minutes.   It does not eradicate my tingling, but the tingling recedes to the background, and I think it's gradually improving over time. The brand I take is Ecological Formulas Allithiamine 50mg; a bottle of 250 costs about $35 on Amazon.    In the beginning, I took two or three capsules several times a day (6 to 9 per day).  Now I only need one or two each morning to keep my energy up.  I've had my thiamine levels tested, and I don't have a thiamine deficiency; yet, I feel better when I take allithiamine.  Perhaps it counteracts the B6 in some way.

The second thing that helps is taking 1/4 teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon.  I mix it into something before swallowing, as it is very dusty.  Ceylon cinnamon is sold at Amazon and Whole Foods; I use the Frontier brand.  Do not use non-Ceylon cinnamon as other types have too much natural coumadin (coumarin) in them.   Ceylon cinnamon is reputed to lower blood ammonia levels.. I don't know why it works, but it works.  I take it when I am feeling very fatigued and it works quickly; a couple of times a day in the beginning, now once or twice a week.  

I also take a long list of other vitamins and minerals, which I can talk more about if anyone is interested.  These other supplements are from other things I've found and fixed along the way.  These other things may or may not be related to B6 toxicity (such as C677T +/+, low vit B12, high unbound copper).  

***** If anyone else tries taking allithiamine or Ceylon cinnamon, please report back with your results, whether positive or negative.  We need to share our experiences and find a cure for this problem!  *****
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How there is a FB group called B6 Toxicity. You can join.
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Hi, there. In short. A week ago I had a twitching eyelid and went to the doctor on friday. He gave me, without performing a bloodtest, a high dose of Befact forte (Europe). Instead of one pill a day (recommended) I had to take two of them. The first day I felt a little twitching in my cheek and lip. On day two and three I felt twitching in my arms and calves. On day four and five I felt twitching, cramping and jidderness all over my body. It is driving me insane. So I took my last dose yesterday and I drank a lot of water today in the hope that it will flush out of my system. Ironically, my eye is much better. I only had twitches when moving or touching that muscle (yawning, sneezing, laughing). So, in my opinion: I didn't need that high dose of B-complex (B1, B3, B6, B9, B12). The eyetwitch was just an oversensitive muscle. Of course I am hypochondriac and I begin to worry that I have some neurological disease. I have bloodtests every three months because of other healthissues. I hope it will subside. But the most poignant question I have right now is: is it possible to have a reaction of the vitamin complex after just a few days? I am glad I quit though. Thanks for your input!
It's possible you needed some of the other B-vitamins, just not the B6.
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yes it gets MUCH worse before it gets better.
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Please provide links or information as to diets for B6 toxicity. I'm currently greater than 100. I'm not sure how to drop B6 outside of diet and water. Any guidance would be helpful.
I too am searching for information on how to drop my current toxic levels of B6 which have been attributed to the extreme dizziness and nausea/lack of appetite that I have.Sometimes the symptoms are severe and other times they are minimal, but wither way they preclude me from having a normal life.
Please advise. Thank you whoever is out there reading this and has the compassion and experience to offer suggestions.
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Hey everyone i was on this forum had set new profile up.  Im over 2 years healing still have lot fatuige issues lot tingling pain is gone no more burning.My fatuige is worse after exersise im trying to eat healthy diet high b6 foods dont cause me anymore pain.      
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Are you taking any magnesium? and if so, what kind? It takes magnesium to help process B vitamins and so taking too much B vitamins can deplete your magnesium. B6 is also a phosphate chemical, so if you have been taking too much, your phosphate levels can go too high and the brain fog etc is all linked to too high phosphate levels. Our bodies can only absorb so much phosphate at a time and if you put more than that in your body, you could get aches, pains, blurry vision, dizzyness, and brain fog.

According to Dr. Robert Thompson, who wrote The Calcium Lie: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Could Kill You, if you are magnesium (and other minerals) deficient, you will not be able to properly absorb any vitamins. So it is best to get some sea salt (good balance of all minerals) and take Magnesium Chloride (Trace Minerals Research "Mega Mag" ionic liquid magnesium chloride is a good brand), and start taking these two things before taking any vitamins, since without proper mineral and esp. magnesium levels, you won't be able to properly absorb vitamins, esp B complex vitamins and they, then could cause problems.

Also, if you have a CBS mutation, that can make you sensitive to sulphur/ phosphates and so epsom salts, which are magnesium sulfate, might not be good for you.

I would suggest, til you get over your symptoms, to avoid foods high in phosphates: Coffee, Black Tea, Green Tea, all sodas (esp colas and dr. pepper), legumes (beans, peas, lentils, peanuts), oatmeal and corn.

Also avoid foods high in sulfur chemicals: onions, garlic, eggs, lunch meats (with sulfites)

If you eat these things, you might notice a rise in symptoms.

The best to eat for right now would be:
lean meat (buffalo is good) cooked w/ olive oil or coconut oil, Romaine lettuce and oranges and oj (all high in Folate), mangoes, bananas, organic potatoes, raspberries, zucchini, crook neck squash, okra, avocados.
Some of this is incorrect.
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It seems like you might have overall problems absorbing and  metabolizing phosphate chemicals in general. B6 is a phosphate chemical.

Try going on a low phosphate diet. I did and it helped me. (I will get dizzy if I drink sodas, or eat soy products or drink coffee or black tea or green tea, or eat oatmeal, or eat beans or lentils or soy sauce///// all of these foods are high in phosphates.... and you might be having a B6 issue just because you can't absorb and metabolize phosphates very well. (also avoid eggs and mayonnaise and vegannaise which is high in soy)

Here is what I eat and you could try eating and see if it helps. (all of these foods are low in phosphates/phosphorus)

organic potatoes, organic olive oil and coconut oil.
lean beef or bison (not more than 3 oz per day. Its the only part of my diet that is high in phosphorus, but it seems to "pay for itself" eg help itself be absorbed because it is so high in amino acids to help make the absorbing and metabolizing digestive enzymes.

I also eat romaine lettuce salads with olive oil and avocadoes.

and I eat oranges, bananas, Odwalla oj, raspberries, and mangoes. I know this diet is sparse, but since I have been on it, no more dizzyness or nausea or fatigue or pain.

Try this and see how it works and if you seem to feel better and phosphates are the issue, you could then work in this powdered magnesium carbonate product called CALM and take about 1/4 tsp bef each meal because that will help absorb excess phosphate that might be in any food you eat.

(Also avoid msg and msg chemicals like the plague)

You might think I'm crazy, but try this. It worked for me. It is easy, inexpensive and not any type of diet a doctor would have any problem with.

If you try it, let me know how it works for you.

An easy and quick way to see if I'm on the right track with this for you is to try drinking some dr. pepper and if you feel dizzy or anxious or have to pee alot after doing so. Bingo. that's it. you are not very able to absorb and metabolize phosphate chemicals.

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I noticed that you wrote this paragraph in 2006. How are you feeling now?
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Does anyone have a diet that is low in B6?
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What changes did you make to your diet?
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Hello.  I am new to this site.  I have all of the common symptoms described by most of you, twitching and jerks caused by misfiring nerves (according to the tests the neurologist conducted), fatigue, muscle aches, trigeminal neurologia, peripheral neuropathy, gastroenterology issues, fibromyalgia, and dizziness.  The neurologist conducted many tests to determine the reasons and he found two possibilities:  Mixed ConnectiveTissue Disease (which was confirmed by a rheumotologist) and B6 toxicity   At the time of the tests my B6 was 38 on a scale provided by my lab as 1 to 21 as normal.  Since my B6 was just mildly high, we just preceded with treatment for the Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.  My GP followed up and now I have a score of 84, which is more than double.  Here is my issue:  I am not taking any supplements or vitamins at all.  I can not for the life of me figure out where I am getting the B6.  I don't eat cereal or hight amounts of spinach.  Everything I read says you have to ingest the B6 in order to get toxic levels but that does not seem to be the case for me.  Any ideas as to what my next step should be?  It seems to me likely that both the autoimmune disease and the B6 are causing my problems so I should probably get this resolved.  Who should I see in order to figure out the source of the B6?
Have a look at tables of which foods are high in B6 (egg yolks and pistachios are examples; red peppers also).  Scrutinize the ingredients of your beverages and processed foods.  It gets added to far too many foods, which is crazy for those of us who have toxicity.
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I got B6 toxic 2 years ago by taking Emergencee supplement. Tingling all over, temperature regulation problems, jumping muscle twitches. Got thorough near work up including brain MRI and all was good.

Went 2 years without symptoms but recently was taking NSAIDs for other pains and noticed my B6 toxicity symptoms returned. Ive read that NSAIDs can LOWER your b6 levels, but am wondering if anyone heard of it causing a rise in B6??
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for me personally it took about 4-5 weeks to feel fairly normal again. But after about 18 months or so i currently have a "flare up" to my dismay. Paresthesias and clammy hands and feet. Very irritating. And yup, i was worked up for other diagnoses such as MS like so many people here.
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just found out my level was 142 (2-21) range.
My symptomay are mainly a burning of my skin - tops of hands, feet, thighs, cheeks, ugh. I hope stopping the supplements and eating a low b6 diet helps.
I think I am getting a bit depressed from all of this not feeling well.
Testing for everything including MRIs.
Only other think it could be is menopause or lyme - band 41 is positive for igg
Blood tests for Lyme are terribly inaccurate.  
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Hi Thanks for the update. I needed some good news. Can I ask what your levels were to begin with and what dose of b6 you were taking? My level was 74.
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I'm burning everywhere. Very depressed over this. My b6 was 13 before a doctor got hold of me.
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Just diagnosed with toxicity...74....from too much supplementation...first brought on by a doctor several yrs ago?  Never questioned it. I am now convinced that I never needed b vitamins and that magnesium deficiency was my problem. I wish I would have been smarter. NEVER took supplements before except when I was pregnant. Seeing all these posts, I now wonder too, if my prenatal vitamin played a role in my migraines and severe abdominal pain while I was pregnant...in addition to very high blood pressure from...severe anxiety....and probably low magnesium. To tell you the truth, I had pitocin too and that is what I feel like now...severe burning all over my body, in my tongue too, severe coldness, shaking. I've always been cold but this is ridiculous. Some pins in my big toe and severe anxiety. Very pissed off. My neurologist removed all b vitamins but he isn't completely convinced it is all my problems. I also developed erythromalalgia several yrs ago....BUT, that also started with the b6...so did it trigger the erythromalalgia? Now I wonder but can't really find any literature to support it. I've had vascular issues all my life...very very cold extremities and nose, that have just progressed to this...I guess. I can remember weird vascular things as a kid so who knows.  Also have Meniere's so my nerves are shot anyway. Just a tentative diagnosis too of SICCA Syndrome but I wonder now...b6!!!

Just had the biopsy for small fiber neuropathy...hoping for a negative. EMG normal. NO autoimmune anything. I should be the picture of health.

Just a few weeks off b vitamins. My left foot skin feels more normal now...skin felt like a plastic bag...not a sock feeling. I feel more comfortable with socks on. I actually feel really good when I walk on the treadmill. Not really any fatigue. Never had any numbness really except when feet very cold...which is my normal anyway. Hoping to heal. Scared.
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I'm sorry. How are you feeling now? Are you better?
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Hi! I started taking vitamin b6 about 3 weeks ago. In a couple days I started feeling bad, dizzy, tingling on hands and feet, was hard to walk etc. When I stopped I started feeling much better and I went to have some alcohol with friends for 2 nights. I dont know what happened but I have been feeling terrible since then. Cant sleep because of inner shaking and tingling weakness. Its really bad..
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I got toxic on 50 mg for 2 weeks some got toxic on 2mg etc.
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Took over 100mg pyridoxine and b-complex a day for almost 2 months. At first I started to experience pressure in my nose. Then I started to get tension headaches and tingling in my face, scalp and neck. I see many have experinced tingling in feet and hands, I havent felt any of that. But I got heart palpitations. At the end of the 2 months I took the b-vitamins I got severe dizzyness and the above symptoms, plus i got sexual side effects like low libido, pleasureless orgasms, and low appetite. I have also have fatigue, tired all the time. Does someone else have experienced sexual side effects like genital parasthesia or other symptoms, and how long did it take you to recover? I have been off of b6 for about 3 weeks and many symptoms have lessened. The symptoms that remain are fatigue, a little tingling in my face and I still feel a numb feeling during orgasm but somewhat better.
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My eyelid would twitch when I took a small amount of B6. However, I learned I could tolerate P5P (active B6) with no problem. Then I read an article by Dr. Werbach that explained this. My body was having trouble converting B6 into its active P5P form. The large amount of B6 was taking up the receptor sites for the active form. So, essentially, my cells weren't getting enough of the active B6. This is what was causing the toxicity from the regular B6 supplementation.

I've since learned why my body was not converting B6 into its active form. You need vitamin B2, thyroid, alpha ketoglutaric acid and magnesium for this conversion. In my case, I had aluminum excess and yeast overgrowth. Both were interfering with alpha ketoglutaric acid, and hence were interfering with this conversion. The aluminum interfered with alpha ketoglutaric acid. The yeast overgrowth produced acetaladehyde, which also interfered with alpha ketoglutaric acid.  

Alcohol also lowers acetaldehyde.   Hence, alcohol also gets rid of alpha ketoglutaric acid and can interfere with the conversion of B6 into its active form. I rarely drank alcohol, so this wasn't my problem, but I mention this in case someone else is wondering why they have trouble with B6.
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I am in search of a newly diagnosed condition called B6 Toxicity. Anyone who has experienced this (severe symptoms of nausea, loss of appetite and dizziness on occasion). Please...help.
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I am really glad I found this group. I have been having many strange symptoms for the past 7 mo. Neurologist is not convinced it's the b6, which was almost twice the upper limit when tested last November. My symptoms are mostly on the right side. The bottom of my foot is tingly and I get pains in my calf and the sciatic nerve. Also, my right atm feels like there is plastic wrap around it and my is a little stiff. Lately I have had really tight muscles in my upper right back and neck area. I also get palpitations and lightheadedness sometimes. MRIs have ruled out MS....wonderingvif someone experiences symptoms mostly on one side of their body?
Thanks, Klaudia
My symptoms started on the right side of my body...my right arm, leg and right side of my face went numb. I thought I was having a stroke. Anyway, since then, it traveled to the other side but right side is still more sensitive.
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Hi, in Oct 2016 I began experiencing weird neurological symptoms...I was 3 weeks postpartum with my third child. After months of testing to rule out MS, cardio issues, autoimmune diseases, etc etc, my second neurologist tested me for nearly everything that could cause small fiber neuropathy and found my B6 level was over 5 times the max of the range (112 on a 2-21 scale). The toxicity was found in Feb 2017. I was taking a prenatal vitamin with 25mg B6 every day for about a year. Ironic thing is I decided to get a high quality, prescription strength prenatal from my OB instead of over the counter (which only has 2-3mg B6). If I only knew...

I stopped the prenatal right away and symptoms have ebbed and flowed since then. Recently, nearly 3 months after stopping my prenatal and 3 weeks after starting my period since pregnancy, I had a major setback. I could barely move and get out of bed for three days. My husband had to take time off work because we have three small kids and I couldn't care for them. I'm seeing a naturopath on Thursday and I'm excited to get some tips on how to detox.

For the women in the group, do your symptoms tend to ebb and flow with your cycle?

My symptoms include light-headedness (feels like I'm walking on a boat), tingling/burning tongue, lower back pain, numbness/tingling/buzzing in feet and legs, numbness on right side of face and chin, blurry vision, insomnia, heart palps, exercise intolerance, and arms and legs ache with the slightest exertion. My symptoms get much worse when I'm tired, hungry and when I've done too much in a given day.
Yes, my symptoms even six months after stopping the b6 seem to be worst right before my period starts and I usually feel best late in the cycle after ovulation.
Hi ladies-  Curious how you are both feeling now?  @fruity44 and @mooremam24?  Have your B6 toxicity symptoms subsided at all?  I am 2 months out from stopping all B6 and still no improvement of symptoms.  I had my period last week and everything got worse.  Just trying to find hope that this will eventually get better!!!  Thank you.
I am 18 months past stopping all b6 and just had a month and a half of no sympoms. Then I had vein surgery this week and the b6 pain (mostly muscle pain) came back...it's frustrating but there os hope!
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I just wanted to jump on here and warn that there was a lot of quackery on this thread around pages 4-5 by 'gerrysmom' and some others about alternative medicine. I wont blame them because that was the hottest information back then but now things are different. I am in a large b6 toxicity group where we have disproven all of this information.

MTHFR... quackery.
CBS... quackery.
OATS test... quackery
Hair testing... quackery
'practicioners'... quackery
cellular malabsorbption... quackery
conversion to p5p.. quackery
pyroluria... quackery

As a general rule of thumb if you see a website with the words 'holistic', 'natural', 'green', 'alternative', etc or it is on a blog or it doesnt link to peer reviewed scientific studies in a reputable medical journal, it isnt reliable.

Also, experimental labs like 'doctors data', 'metamatrix', 'great plains', 23andme, etc are not reliable and the information is heavily misused by fake doctors to sell supplements. I cannot walk into one of these 'doctors' office without having to leave with a basketfull of 10 supplements and 5 more fake tests. All this genetic testing and wierd labs are a scam. The naturopathic doctors are there to make money and are agents of the supplement companies kind of like people think of doctors and pharmaceuticals.

Dont fall for it. If you want to test if you have functional deficiencies of B12, folate, b6, etc, get the MMA and homocysteine tests - these are the gold standard. There is no problem converting to p5p - what you measure in your blood test is p5p, not the other forms. Most likely nobody here should or will ever take any form of b6 ever again for any reason.

Do NOT use OATs or hair tests to determine b6 status. OATs is only a reflection of daily intake and is highly innacurate. Almost all of us who have had OATs had them tell us that we were low. That is because everyone who takes the OATs test sees that they were low, and a lot of other results are very similar to anyone who takes OATs. It is a scam. Hair tests show nothing about what is going on inside the body with vitamins and minerals. Another scam. The plasma B6 (p5p) level is the gold standard for measuring b6 status.

23andme usage - another scam. All this stuff about SNPS is a bunch of psuedoscience. None of these bold assertions about what your SNPs are doing in your body or how to treat it with supplements has been proven with proper science. It isnt even accurate. I got genetic testing from a different company and some SNPs were different. Furthermore, you dont know if this SNP is even expressing, and if it is expressing how it is effecting your body. Take folate for example - there are something like 2000 other folate metabolism genes and not just MTHFR. Your body has been compensating your genetics your entire life. You got through the first +-20 years of your life just fine without any supplements. What changed? You ADDED suplements. You added crap.

If you got toxic by taking massive doses of b6 like 10mg or 200mg+ then there is no problem with b6 being metabolised/used. That is because these massive doses of b6 are never used in anyone to begin with. The body has no use for anything over 2mg of b6 per day. Its not included in your metabolism. The rest is just excreted in the urine, or stored in the tissues. Your problem was that excretion isnt working or the tissues got full. Usually this is precipited by dehydration and medication use, following years of b6 supplement use.

Most of us are damaged by b6 and that is it. p5p damages cells with caustic chemical bonds. p5p in the brain binds to gaba receptors. p5p impairs detoxification. p5p actually binds to the pyridoxal kinase enzyme and slows down its own metabolism. People think b6 is the culprit but its actually p5p.

Now you are saturated with p5p and your job is to detox, and then heal your nerves. Long recoveries, waves, and setbacks are to be expected. If you experience this, it is not a doubt of b6, as has been suggested. It is normal. Detox takes time. Nerves take time to heal - a lot of time. The amount of time you were taking b6 will play a big part. What is going to help you most is hydration, hydration, electrolytes, low or rda b6 diet, and eventually slowly and consistently adding excercise. If you exercise and then have a huge return of symptoms the next day, you are going too fast and need to go even slower.

Im not saying everyone here has b6 toxicity. However, we shouldnt discredit what b6 toxicity can do in those who are actually toxic. These people have a long road ahead of them and giving them doubts and a bunch of woo and supplement sales pitches or especially telling them that they actually have a deficiency isnt helping.

Those who think theyve found some other answer other than b6 toxicity should think really hard about whether they want to re-add b6 back into their diet, or any supplement. Supposedly harmless supplements got us here and the first place and taking more is just rolling the dice again. A rule of thumb supplementation is it should only be done in small amounts to correct deficient blood levels, if foods have failed. If the supplementation is b6, then very regular testing needs to be done. I saw someone here say they added back in the same amount of b6 as when they got toxic. I hope they are monitoring their levels...
Have small fiber peripheral neuropathy in my feet that is progressing.  Elevated levels of B6 and ferriting with ZERO supplementation.  Heterozygous for the MTHFR C677T variant (one copy) if that makes any difference or not.  How do I get rid of excess B6 when not supplementing???
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