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B6 toxicity

My B6 test came back 240 which is very high.  I am having all of the symptoms related to B6 toxicity. I do not take vitamin supplements and have a healthy diet.  What can cause me to have such a high b6 level if I am not taking supplements?  My doctor asked me to give him a month to figure it out but I am in pain and want some answers.
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Did he test your B12 and folic acid levels?  They work in conjunction with B6 and are in balance, so if those levels are low B6 will be high.  By the same token you might be able to leach out some B6 by increasing Folate and B12 levels.  I'd also get tested more than just once -- levels vary a lot from hour to hour and day to day.
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Intersting.  I have both highly elevated B6 and B12.  I do not take supplements.  I have most of the neurological symptoms (and have seen a neurologist who tested me for the B6 issue) but I also don't take supplements.  Any ideas where it comes from?
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