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Blended Oat Meals, Fruits and Vegetables

Dear all,

Lately I bought a powerful blender, similar to that of Vitamix. I started to make my own Oat meal/milk by simply blending rolled oats (Quaker quick cook) with some soymilk and water, in the ratio of Oat 2 Soymilk 0.5 and water 1.5.  I do not filter it at all and just sort of drink it as part of my breakfast.

Along with the oatmilk, I also routinely blend Apples, oranges, bell pepper, carrots, bitter melon, tomatos and occasionally other available veggies into a veggie/fruit smoothie. I add just enough water to make the smoothie liquid enough to drink.

The reason why I do all this is really because I have very little time to prepare breakfast and I"m always on the go, I find the blending way very convenient.

My question is, I wonder if by blending and therefore breaking everything down and consuming them on a daily basis, will my body absorb the nutrients way too fast and develop adverse effects instead? I worry that I may actually absorb the calories or sugar way too fast and instead of lowering my triglycerides and lose weight, I may actually gain weight or perhaps develop diabetes.

I do watch how much fructose/sugar content are in my smoothies and I use more veggies than fruits (such as apple and orange).

It'd be great if someone can help and let me know whether this dieting habit is safe and healthy. Because I intend to do this for a long time and try to fix my health.

By the way I am 30, male, medium body build, smoker and regular drinker. I have high cholesterol and triglyceride. I am trying to get back in shape by cutting down the booze, working out more, and include this new diet habit.

Thank you in advance!
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As long as you use natural fruit and vegetables you can blend them. The only thing that is missing is the fiber from fruit and vegetables which is a great benefit to help prevent diseases. Suggest using the drinks and consume fresh fruit/vegetables during the day. Thank you for your question.
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