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Canker sore cure

I've had a large canker sore on the inside of my bottom lip for several years.  Every week or so it will start very small, then grow very large within a few hours.  It inevitably pops like a blister every time it appears, from rubbing against my teeth.  I've tried  leaving it completely alone, but I can't function without touching it with my teeth, because it is so close.  I've tried adjustments on my diet, and even a sort of ointment prescrbed by my dentist for mounths at a time, to no avail.  Because of an issue with my throat, I'm now unable to swollow pills, so I'm hoping for some kind of mouth wash which will ward away this troublesome canker.  Any suggestions?  Suggestions which you know have worked?
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Don't use refined sugar, That is high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, dextrin, matodextrin. It's in fruit juices, canned soups, packaged breads. instead of sugar use stevia. You should get checked for food allergies Don't eat foods such as grains, seeds, beans, nuts, and chocolate they contain arginine.
arginine helps the growth of the herpes virus. The amino acid Lysine,
helps prevent the herpes virus. You can take that as a supplement.
folic acid, vit. B12, zinc and Iron also help have your doctor check your Iron level! Have your doctor suggest the dosages for the supplements.  
I suggest 30-60mg. Iron, 5mg for folic acid, 1500 micrograms of vitamin B12  and 30mg zinc picolinate.
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