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Chronic kidney stones and vitamin d deficiency

I have just been diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency with a level of 13.  I am a chronic kidney stone former with stones requiring intervention forming less than a year apart.  Because of the stones, my doctors are consulting one another before I start treatment for the deficiency.  The treatment the neurologist recommends is Oscal with D plus D3 3000. My last stone requiring intervention was 5 months ago.  At that time, I had a 24 hour urine test which came back completely normal, so my urologist was at a loss on what to tell me to do.  We moved up my monitoring to every 6 months rather than annually.  My stones are calcium oxalate.

Is it unusual to have both chronic stones and vitamin d that low?  Will treating the deficiency, which I know must be done, make the stones worse?  Thanks:o).
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The kidney stones may get worst with vitamin D supplementation. Suggest increasing the dose slowly and get monitored. Are you taking vitamin C and calcium supplements? They do cause kidney stones in very high mega doses. With vitamin D, you can sit by a sunny window a number of times a week which will help the body get vitamin D with less supplementation.
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