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Dark green feces but did not eat anything green.

Why is my feces sometimes dark green and runny?
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blue food dye will turn your feces bright green. FDA Blue #5 found in Kool-Aid is known to cause this as it combines with bile to form a bright green color. But it can be a problem with iron absorbtion or another serious disorder.

Check the foods you eat and see if there are any food dyes in them, make note of this and when you eat them and see if they affect the color of your stool.

Check out this article for a more professional answer

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Thank you very much, that article helped alot!
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feces will be greenish in color when it passes through your system very fast. bile is greenish in color and makes the feces turn green when passes through faster...like when you have diahhrea(spelling??). but if you are constipated it sits longer and turns a darker color...more dark brown/black.
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Both myself and my daughter had a very green bowel movement on the same morning.  It was due to blue food coloring in a store bought birthday cake (the frosting) from the day before.  Blue+Brown=Green.  It took us a while to figure it out but got a good laugh when we did.
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so your saying that when your stool is Very Dark Green, where it looks almost black, it's cus of the food dyes? mine has been this way for the past few days. I don't have diareah, it's more hard, not like constipation hard, but almost, kinda in between. I'm just needing to know what exactly would cause this to happen. I thought feces was susposed to be light/medium brown, but sometimes mine is very dark brown in color as well.
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Food sensitivities can cause green stool too. It leads to gastritis.
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Never eat cake with orange and black frosting. I did yesterday at a graduation party, along with spinach in a salad, and i had a bathroom moment, that I never want again!
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All the info you need on green stool. It has to do with the bile secreted by your liver and your stool traveling through your body faster than normal. Iron supplements, algae, and chlorophyll are the only way it will be green without it having to do with bile. If food dye had anything to do with it, then we would poop rainbows regularly.
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to my shame, been drinking heavy and not eating but not done this before??
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You only have to worry if its black i cant remember why but they were talking about it on the doctor show the other day.
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