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Diet to have healthy bowel

I want to know what I can do to stop having to use laxatives. I was told I had IBS in 1993 and to eat plenty of fiber. Well until 2008, I didn't have but occasional constipation. Now I feel like my bowel is constantly full. My stomach is hard and uncomfortable. I began using laxatives but don't use them daily, 3 times a week. I switch between Correctol and a sienna tea. I just want to get off laxatives and get rid of this bloated, hard, full and uncomfortable feeling and go like a "normal" person.

I also have GERD and gastritis and have difficulty swallowing many types of different foods, so a lot of the fiber rich foods I can't eat because I can't swallow them. Is there some type of liquids I can drink like fruit juices or something that would help or do I need to eat them in their natural form? I though about stopping the laxatives cold turkey and drinking lots of high in fiber juices such as pear juice and V8 juices, will this help?

Please I am 38 years old and I can't stand to live like this!
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Have you tried Benefiber for your constipation issue? It is natural and the bowel does not lose its muscle integrity. Just mix it in any food or drink, it is tasteless. Suggest you limit rice, bananas, and fresh apples. They constipate, however, applesauce and apple juice loosens stool. You also need to increase fluid intake with additional fiber (oatmeal, cheerios, whole wheat bread, muffins, and crackers) and Benefiber. Fiber is great for increased bowel movements; however, it needs fluids to get through the colon. Water is the best fluid. Hoped this helped you.
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