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Dietary Supplement for Healthy BMI Before Theraphy

I am chronic hepatitis patient. I would like to start therapy but problem is that i am always underweight since adulthood. I always try to gain weight but failed. My appetite is fine. I am of 32, height 5 ft 7 inches but weight is 52 kg only. BMI is 17.9 i have to increase it to 19.0, for this have to gain 4 KG in 3 months till December. Life here is very tough, i can't eat all seasonal foods or juices all the time that's why looking for a dietary supplement. Dr. heres are very ignorant, no expert nutritionist available. My work is steady in front of computers most of the time.  

Some people suggest me to take Ensure but i am looking a good advice from you guys. If you suggest exercises then kindly tell me then explain in brief.
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You are underweight for your height. When you exercise you will build lean muscle mass which may increase your weight a little. The best exercise is walking and for a male, body building, that will increase your lean muscle mass. If you do body building exercises, do not use the extra protein shakes/supplements some of the gyms push. Doing the exercises alone will help. I do suggest you drink a high nutrient drink 2-3 times a day. Ensure would be the better choice. Due to your hepatic state you want your proteins to come from more vegetable based foods and a moderate fat intake to help the liver not to work as hard. Thank you for your question.
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Please reply.
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