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Difficulty eating, please give advice

Hello. I'm 20/m and I weigh 107 pounds at 5'7.  I've been trying to change my diet in order to gain weight. I've been tracking calories and everything in-between (using MyFitnessPal), and daily I eat about 800-900 calories, however, I'm finding it difficult to eat more than that. When I was younger I had no problem eating because I really fancied most foods, especially junk, but now that I've gotten older I hardly like anything and it's bizarre. Most of the day I'll drink coffee- that is, 32oz total (throughout the day, of course), and 2 or 3 bottles of 16oz waters daily.
I find that I'm rarely hungry and I have a difficult time enjoying food as it is. I live with my parents and they mostly buy pork, chicken, breads, chips, cereals, and other foods- most of which I dislike.
I find the only things I enjoy are eggs, beef meats, and raw vegetables. I absolutely hate bread, corn, and most sweets (except for a tiny bit of chocolate on occasion). My parents try to help me gain weight by buying me pizza, pasta, and other things, but I don't like those anymore either and they assume I lie about it because I used to enjoy those foods as a teenager. I've lost around 25 lbs since the age of 15 due to my change in preference.
I buy myself salads and other things that I like on occasion, but as a college student I can't purchase much so I rely heavily on what my parents purchase.
I'd greatly appreciate advice on what I should do for weight gain and what I could do in my situation. I don't know a lot about dieting in general, admittedly, so any input helps. Thank you.
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There must be underlying issues!
First you must accept that you have an eating disorder.
Effective communication with your parents is a MUST!!!
Eggs are inexpensive and so is ground beef and I'm sure your parents will support you in your choices if you are reasonable-salads and veggies are reasonable-, but you must level with them and lose the "attitude" if you have one.

You may need professional help, however, I'll give you a few tips, you can try on your own first.

1. Your body cannot run on caffeine indefinitely.
Cut down on coffee gradually and replace some of that
unnecessary fluid intake with mass gainer shakes-as a ref. look up this under "canadian protein".
2. Start an exercise program with an emphasis on strength and weight training, but ease into it.
3. Hunger is NOT always a reliable signal to eat-however exercise might help fix this a bit- so just try to eat a lot more than 800 calories a day.
Your nutritional needs cannot be met at such low intake and what amazes me is that you have not suffered any severe health consequences, YET!
4. Take advantage of any free resources at your college, like  nutritional and fitness counselling/coaching and perhaps mental and psychological support.
There are many aspects  that are at play here, which should not be ignored. Relationships,finances, body image, mental health in general, etc.

Best wishes,

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