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Disorders? need help please.

Hi, I need help not for myself but for my wife. Anyone that will take time to read this and help me is very much appreciated. I don't know what to do with her.

What i observed was, when she's eating, or having our dinner at first she'll like the food but after a few minutes, she'll feel like vomiting.

She wants to sleep almost a day.

When she's at work, absent minded, most of the time, you need to repeat what you are saying cause she don't hear it. At bed, when we're talking after a while she's already sleeping, i don't know but she always felt tired, like most of the time. sometimes i get irritated cause, i don't like that, even she didn't do anything for the whole day, she felt the same thing and wants to sleep.

As far as i remember her weight is 30kls something. I want her to gain weight but i dont know what to do. I told her to take a multivitamins but most of the time she'll forget it, like when i say something after a few minutes, she'll forget what i said. I really don't know what's happening to her. please help. I'm doing what i need to do as a husband, I'm doing everything but I don't know what's happening to her, sometimes I don't understand her.
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Has she been to the doctor for a checkup?
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Should we seek professional health? I don't know where to go regarding of her case, thank you in advance for suggestions and help.
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You could start at general practice Dr. Then if they think so, referral to Psychiastrist. Medicine may help.
   Healthy food, low on sugar. Whole grains. Maybe even a rotational diet. Skipping wheat for a month. See if it makes a difference.  Pamela
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We will do that, i'll take her to the Dr., thank you so much for your advice. Godbless!
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