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Drinking water question


I have a simple question.....Rule of thumbs says to drink atleast 64oz of water per day....but I find it hard to drink that much water each and ever day....

my question is this...if I drink 64oz of Tea ( Peach ICE TEA ) would tht be considered that same as drinking 64oz of water...I mean it is tea but its still like 99% water...

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Drinking tea is a good source of water if you don't like to drink just plain water.  The problem with drinking tea is the temptation to drink it with sugar and/or milk and the fact that it can stain your teeth.  Peach tea is ususlly purchased as an instant tea.  Just be aware that instant teas often have stuff in them that you may not want to consume.  Sugar, sugar substitutes, dyes, and other chemicals are added to enhance flavor and adds nothing useful to the diet. Try the flavored tea bag teas instead.  If you really want to be healthy, try adding fresh juices to the tea to replace sugar as your sweetner.  Enjoy
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A newer drink mix called mio liquid water enhancer , mio is the biggest name on label, is awesome. They only have two flavors from what I have found. Peach tea (which I drink daily), and tea with lemon (I believe is the other flavor tho I have never tried it, I like you, love peach tea). As far as staining your teeth, well, go to dentist. No matter what, unless all you do is drink water, your teeth eventually gets stained. Just simply brush regularly (I do two to three times daily) . But this drink nix is great. U just add it to water. In fact, u really don't even need to mix it. ...or measure it. It gives suggestions on how much to use per 8oz, but it's in a small squirt bottle. I use what I like. I know Walmart carries it. I have never seen it elsewhere tho I have never looked elsewhere for it either. Trust me, try it. It's refreshing and the peach flavor is great and it contains no sugur. I'm not a fan of those fake sugar products, but this I suggest.
best wishes.  
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