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Eating after exercise

Is it normal to not want to eat after exercising? I always feel sick after I exercise and I just don't feel the need to eat until about two hours later. I just don't feel it's healthy. I also almost never eat before. Is that bad too?
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A few questions! Are you male/female? Are you looking to build muscle or just routine exercising? It's important to eat before and after exercising.
What this will depend on is your routine and either male or female and do you need to lose weight or gain weight. What is your age, height, and weight?
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It's quite normal not to be hungry after exercising -- that's one of the benefits of regular exercise, it actually can diminish hunger.  People differ in what they need to do to exercise -- if you watch pro athletes interviewed about their eating habits pre-game and post-game, you'll find very different needs .  Humans differ.  The people who tend to force-feed themselves whether they're hungry or not are bodybuilders who need the protein to build muscle and marathon runners and other endurance athletes, who need to load up on food before they do an activity that burns up their energy stores.
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I am a 16 year old female I'm 5'10" and roughly 190 lbs. I'm in a swimming camp through my school so we are swimming laps in the pool for two hours and then for another 45 minutes we either do yoga, Pilates or circuit training. I'm looking to lose weight and increase my endurance for the swim team season but I just still don't know if it's healthy. It just kind of makes me sick to my stomach after an intense workout
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Carbs provide the main source of fuel to your body and brain.
Swimmers need carbs to fuel their workouts and help in muscle recovery after an exercise routine.
Carbs should be included in each meal.
A total of at least 200 to 300 calories of carbs at each meal.  An example would be a bowl of cereal, a cup of brown rice, or even two slices of whole grain bread.  These foods should be in your breakfast or lunch as they will help to fuel your morning or afternoon workout.
Not eating enough before a workout could lead to fatigue, weakness, nausea and dizziness.
Even if you eat just a small portion before your routines just experiment
to see what works for you.
You need foods also that are low in fat as foods high in fat take longer to digest.
I suggest getting the following book

Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook - 4th Edition
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