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Feeling sluggish after going no gluten, dairy and grain

Is this common? The reason is to see if I have any food sensitivities, as I have fibro symptoms (bone pain, shocky feelings, nerve pain) and a test revealed it could be either a food sensitivity or a coinfection. We're tying the food route first. So far I have not seen any improvement, but am feeling sluggish, not as strong, muscles FEEL like how you'd feel after a hard workout, and maybe a little weak. Will this pass? I'm eating more veggies and protein, also fruit and nuts, coconut water, etc.
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When you say no grains, do you mean just grains and grain-like foods that contain gluten, or no grains at all?  If no grains at all, that means you've eliminated complex carbs, which supply a lot of our energy.  Every civilization has eaten grains or grain-like fruits such as quinoa and buckwheat as their staple food for eons, so that could explain it.  For most people, the problem isn't gluten, it's wheat, though some people do have a gluten problem, but there are tons of grains and grain-like fruits out there that don't contain gluten, such as brown rice, teff, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet -- there's a lot out there.  It could also just be a period of adjustment, as often happens when dietary changes are made, and you've made a big one, that time will fix.  
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Thanks for the reply.
Yes its no grains period. The fact that I'm still having some symptoms--I'm not sure what that means. The plan was to reintroduce things one at a time to see what I reacted to. But if nothing has really changed, I'm not sure what to do.
Regular blood tests show no ALLERGY to gluten. But my doc says that man has screwed with the grains so much with GMOing, pesticides and the like that grains as the grow now are nothing like they were long ago (eg, healthy). And all that crap we've done has caused these allergies and sensitivities.
Europe is better in terms of health as they have more stringent standards and people that cannot eat grains in the US have no issue eating them there. I've many times thought of moving b/c I'm sick of being sick. And the US pisses me off in so many ways.
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That's not necessarily true anymore -- world trade pressure affects Europe, too, and some of the largest GMO companies are in Europe.  In the US, you can find non-GMO foods easily at any health food store, and even in the grocery store.  Just look for organic.  To be certified organic, it means none of the harshest pesticides, no GMOs, etc.  And while it's true grains aren't like they were then they were wild, people stopped eating wild grains when agriculture was established, and that was a very long time ago.  You just have to work at it harder, and you would have to work at it in Europe as well.  Remember, most of the organically grown food in the world is grown in the US.  
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