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I eat an egg sandwich made from 1 egg + o.j + small piece of celery  for breakfast and diner  for lunch and snacks I eat different meals .  my question is does the celery digest well with egg san. + o.j. , and is the consumption of 2 eggs daily not good idea.  is there another vegetable that could be better or does it not make a difference, because i read that o.j + egg compliment each other and digests well?
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From what you wrote, 1 egg sandwich for breakfast and dinner. That is 14 eggs a week. That is more eggs then the recommended amount a week, 2-3 eggs a week. Suggest you change what you eat for breakfast and dinner so you have variety in your meals. It does not matter the type of vegetable you eat with eggs. The key to good health is variation in foods you eat daily. Thank you for your question.
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Thank you Dr. ********* I did not know that.
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