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GUT health and mental health relationship

I'm reading a lot about this. Serotonin receptors in the gut? There are theories that we can directly impact our mental health through improving our gut health.  Thoughts?
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We've been eating a lot more natural yogurt with bifidus and acidophilus since reading about this idea.
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hm. Tell me about this.  Does it taste good?  Curdy? Bought in a store and just eaten like other things?
Not curdy. There's a brand here called "Nancy's" that has all the natural live stuff in it and they make a vanilla yogurt that's really tasty. It tastes like any good yogurt. I don't recommend unsweetened, is all. Too tart! Just look on the label for acidophilus and bifidis and you'll find a lot of natural yogurts that do the trick.
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