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Gastroparesis specific diet

I have recently been diagnosed with Gastroparesis and would like help with a specific diet to follow.  Some days I feel fine and others I am nauseated amd my stomach hurts.  Thank you
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I have recently been hospitalized and diagnosed with Gastroparesis. I find that using Boost 4 day mixed with soy milk very vanilla is wonderful. I am diabetic so the boost for glucose control is excellent. I drink it slowly throughout the day. I can use the diabetic ice creme and add some for a treat once in a while. Also Rediwhip to top it off makes me feel like I am having something special. IF I over do the liquids I will get sick. Still take phengran and zofran daily.I am handling it better than I thought I could, it helps to talk to others.It helps to walk after you eat and not lay down. Also the head of my bed is elevated on wooden blocks so at night I don't have trouble breathing. Nothing to eat past 8.00 pm helps. The best of luck to you. I cannot tolerate any solid foods at all and do not have an appetite for food. I have been sick for a year and the doc said it was just gastritis.After six days on IV's and morphine for pain I had the gastric emptying test. I am suppose to have a small bowel but do not want to swallow the barium afraid it won't go down. Some days are really tough like today.
Love to hear from you. Crissy 401
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Hi there,
Ive had gastroparesis for just under a year now.

I dont think anyone can really provide a specific diet for you,
except you.

When i finally got a diagnosis, no doctor was able to provide support
so i looked to the internet for help.  The yahoo group - gastroparesis
is very useful and you will find a range of foods, diets and techniques.

Any food which is low in fibre and easily digested is really useful.
English muffins, pancakes, white bread, sausage, mince, mashed potato,
creamed corn, juice and staminade may be helpful.

I can take some solids, depending on the kind of day i am having.
But i saw a dietitican to help me with a diet, and now ive basically
eliminated extreme stomach pain (and im not in tears for 40 minutes
every day!).

Good luck and hang in there,

ps. Id love to hear from you..
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I just got out of the hospital 2 days ago and was told i had gastroparesis and had to go on a diet they did the stomaic test and said my stomic didnt empty all the way, I dont get sick everyday,I do get bloted if i eat very much i dont have a lot of stomaic pain but i have be on pain kellers for 2 years for my back will my stomaic get worse
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