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ok how do i loose weight!! i cant go on diets i try but it never works!!
how do you loose wight in your thies especially!!!

o and biking and lundges, dont work they just make your thies more MUSCULAR i dont want that

help meeeeeeeee

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Here I come to save the dayyyyyy!!!!!!
Ok, I'm not really a super hero, though I look like one in real life.

I'm a former body builder, and when I wanted to lose the fat I gained on my bulking cycles, I would go on a CKD (Cyclical Ketogenic Diet), which I don't recommend to anyone other than body builders.

As a personal trainer, I have helped people lose over 100 pounds, each. Since you don't like diets, just try to make better food choices. High protein, high fiber, and low carb.

Don't try to lose weight on a single spot. It doesn't work. Fat accumulates on your body like a big sheet. You can't take part of that sheet off. It just doesn't work that way.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you don't have an easy path ahead of you, and if you really want to lose weight, you'll have to step up and put in the work. There are no excuses and no web site will be the answer for you.

Plan ahead for the week. Pick a single lean protein, make that the main part of your meals, and cook enough for the whole week. For example, this week I'm doing fish. I cooked enough salmon and halibut on Sunday to last me through lunches and dinners, all week. Now, all I have to do is pop it in the microwave with a vegetable, and I'm set for a meal. My breakfast is almost always oatmeal with whey powder and ground flax seed added, with berries or fruit to flavor.

For snacks, I eat string cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and sometimes I "cheat" and have some lunch meat.

Lift light weights three times a week. If you don't have weights or belong to a gym, do body weight exercises. Don't concentrate on a single exercise or you'll overdevelop that body part (lunges/bicycling/etc). Do cardio three times a week with one of those times being HIIT (Interval Training).

Take a day to rest.

Drink TONS of water.

Get plenty of sleep at night.

Drink your milk.

Good Luck!

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No, "diets" don't work.  Changing the way you eat permanently is more likely to work, though you do have to accept that we all have a certain body shape that is ours and you can only radically alter it by getting bigger muscles, not smaller.  You can lose fat but you can't lose big bones or your basic body shape, so be realistic in your aims so you don't get frustrated.  Let me give you an example -- nobody works out harder than a professional tennis player, or does more cardio, but ever seen Serena Williams?  She's never going to be thin thighed.  Never.  But the strength she has in those legs are the reason she's so much more powerful than the other players and why she wins all the time.  It is what it is.  So if you have fat deposited on your thighs, as said already, you can only lose weight overall, not in one place.  if your thighs are muscular or just large and you don't have much body fat there, then you aren't going to lose much there.  You've already gotten good advice, I would only add that high protein diets really aren't proven to be good for permanent weight loss.  While they can work short term, in the long term the people around the world who have been studied the most and who have the least obesity eat a balanced diet of high energy carbs, lots of veggies, moderate amounts of animal protein aside from fish.  They don't eat low carb diets, which are a fad, not something most people who have a choice in the matter have chosen over the centuries.  Only people who live where few plants grow eat mostly protein.  What you do want to avoid  are the simple carbs, especially those that aren't actually even food.  With a balanced exercise program, this should keep you fit and healthy and also give you the energy you need for cardio -- that's fueled by grains, mostly, and whole grains preferably.  Muscle is fueled by protein, and bodybuilders need a lot of protein, but bodybuilders don't do what they do to be healthy, they do it because they like it or are seeking to look a certain way.  Eating for health is the best choice.  And don't drink milk -- dairy is the most problematic food there is for digestion.  If you must do dairy, try to do fermented or cultured dairy, not milk.  
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Well my favourite recipe is to start with small steps, slowly changing  your nutrition plan. I look at what my room mates eat and sometimes i think i know why they have  weight gain problems. JUNK FOOD.
1) Cook yourself. Cook and eat vegetables. Try to reduce fast food.
2) Never skip breakfast.
2) Boost your metabolism with detox drinks. Prepare natural detox juices  buy fresh high-fiber juices. Ginger + lemon for example. What i do is lemon detox hot water. I drink it before breakfast every day. And it helps! And then you can drink it during the day of cource.
There are sometimes reasons to detox, but they don't boost metabolism and don't help a person lose weight.  The only part of a detox that helps with weight loss is when they contain a laxative, but obviously that can't be a long-term practice or you'll lose nutrients and get sick.  Ginger and lemon are not detox agents, so there's no problem with that, but they also won't help you lose weight.  I think what you're thinking of is that hot herbs such as ginger can help the body heat up and burn a tiny tiny bit of fat if combined with exercise and a proper long-term eating style, but it's a minuscule effect.  Nothing wrong, again, with ginger and lemon -- good for the liver, good antioxidants, ginger is also antiinflammatory, but this won't detox anything and won't help you lose weight unless you just stop eating and drink this instead, which again you can only do for a short period of time before you start to notice the lack of nutrients.
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