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i am on a healthy diet plan through ediets, but can not seem to control my apetite... does anyone know if Hoodia works? i read really good things about it but am not sure if i should try it as it is expensive and some products are fakes. i'm not sure which ones are really authentic and have the right quanity of hoodia in it to actually work... i am not interested in the ones that have all the speed type stuff in it that makes you jittery... thank you for your help!!!  

Q. does anyone know of a "real" hoodia product that works? which ones are made of real hoodia? any brands that really work?

Q. does anyone here have any experience with trying it and have had good results?

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I tried hoodia before, didn't work, don't know if it was "true" hoodia. I would recommend finding a reputable vitamin shop near you and talk with them. Really find someone you can trust. Some places will offer money back guarantee. I would mention a few places but I would get into trouble.

good luck
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thanks liv, i did see one with a money back deal... i would definately agree with you to go with that in case it doesn't work, cause its so much money for the good ones. thanks for the advise.

hey, i don't think it would be wrong to mention the name of the one you used... it's only your opinion, i don't think medhelp can get in any trouble with that. we talk about various products on the hepatitis forum and nothing has ever been said against it that i remember... the thing they don't like is posting parts of the written stuff from other websites... at least this is my understanding...

thanks again,
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I heard that the Hoodia supplement is a scam!  I know more than a handfull of people who have taken the supplement and not one of them had significant results.  Stores like GNC will give you 100% money back within 30 days if not satisfied.  
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Goto this site. Might help you determine what is good hoodia and what is bad hoodia

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HOODIA didnt work for me!
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Its not enough to just take these supplements, for real results you have to combine it with exercising. Supplements will not make your success either will they break it, its all up to you, they are just to make it easy for you. Im speaking generally, I never tried hoodia based supplements and I  dont know anybody who did, but i have heard some good stuff about [url=http://spiritbody.blogspot.com/2007/12/product-review-proshape-rx.html] ProShapeRX [/url]
Once again, I never tried it so I cant say it from personal experience!
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uhh, sorry I forgot that I cant use tags to post links, just copy this text in your browser

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In addition to whatever diet you are using you need to make sure your body is not depleted of the proper nutrients.. otherwise you will  be hungry. Your body will craves things it is missing. Which it gets from food.  You should try a liquid supplement called Body Balance. It has changed our lives. My husband used to have trouble staying well and caught every cold that went around. He started taking Body Balance and is Very Healthy now. I also used to have a lot of symtoms similar to Thyroid issues but tests always came back in the normal range, since I started taking Body Balance I have had no problems at all. If you would like some more info go to http://lifeforce.net/ProductsSingleDetail.aspx?country=USA  or call 800-531-4877
if you decide to purchase My ID# is 20635296. I believe you can still receive the first bottle free (only shipping charges) if you set up an autoship order. It is truly amazing.
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