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Have excessive sinus and chest mucus : Ent can't help : diet ?

I have been suffering with an excessive sinus mucus problem that began 2yr ago after catching a sinus infection.  Never was prone to sinus problems beefore just had a few in my life.  Ent's have tried all traditional therapy's for me .including steroid sprays antihistamines , ct scan not showing a problem that should cause this much phlemg.  Have high BP so some allergy type treatments can't  used.  I have been to a allergiest and was negative for allergy's.  I tried on my own to eliminate gluten , soy, dairy and still no relief.  Any other ideas as to what foods to avoid to not create anymore mucus?  I'm getting desperate so I'm leaving no stone unturned.  I also have dx lupus for 12yr and am having a hard time with this since it exhaust me to be over the sink all day doing nasal washes and choking I have a very hoarse voice now. I basically am not able to go out for more than a hr or so cause this is a24-7 issue.  Wakes me at night to cough out mucus.My Rheumy has put me on methtrexate 4 tabs aweek to try to help but it hasen't yet I'm very sensitive to prednisone I blow up fast hence Dr use of methotrexate first.  Any suggestions on what food I can or ccannot eat to not aggrevate this would be helpful  any advice appreciated.

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P.S.  I forgot to mention that now matter what I eat it seems to produce mucus shortly after I eat.  I'm afraid to eat now.
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It can take the body up to 6 months to completely clear Gluten.  Dairy products can take up to 1 full month.  Some people see results immediately, others see progress over time.  When you tried the casein-free and gluten-free diets, if you didn't fully take the time for these to clear the body, you shouldn't necessarily rule them out.

A visit to an allergist (may) be beneficial to you.

I don't know if your symptoms could possibly be lupus-related (they aren't especially characteristic of lupus), but it could be worth asking your PCP or specialist about.
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Have you tried Mucinex? It is over the counter and i can't live without it. It's long acting guaifenesin. If you don't mind taking more frequent doses, there is also Humibid E now also available otc. Either sould help keep that mucus flowing.
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i hve been suffering from high chest mucus from last 8 months. im not able to solve the problem as im taking homeopathy treatmen. please suggest me the solution
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you should check out the information at acu-cell.com. It lists all vitamin and minerals information. It also has loads of information about their interactions and which vitamins and minerals inhibit/promote others. It is a very helpful website. for instance, for excessive mucus it lists: Mucus (excess):  Low Vit A, low beta-carotene, low iodine, low thymus, low Vit C, high dairy intake. Then you can click on the specifics of each of those vitamins. Such as Vitamin A is inhibited by zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Maybe you are getting too much of something and can choose the right supplement that may help. hope this is helpful. Good Luck!
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Have you tried the natural nasal spray called "XLear" ??  I LOVE the stuff.  I can't take anything that elevates my BP and the Mucinex even gives me some strange side effects.  I spray the Xlear in each side at night and wake up totally clear every morning.  If I'm doing yard work that day, I'll spray it in the morning and then again at night.  It has Zylitol in it which kills the bacteria off.
Limiting dairy intake also helps me a bunch, as well as limiting yeasts and white flour and sugar.
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I have nasal congestion & also a low grade chronic sinus infection.  My nose was overly dry from use of flonase, allegra-D, & nasal rinse.  Be willing to experiment.  Basically, you want to treat your nose with the same respect you cleanse & MOISTURIZE your face.  Everyone's face is different; some have acne & some have dry wrinkles.
I use just a decongestant (no allegra or claritan)
  A milder nasal decongestant first - & then follow the HYPERTONIC directions for NeilMed nasal rinse (but just botle for both nostrils - not one for each.  One bottle stings a little - two might burn - but you might be braver than me).  Play with sequence of meds, tilting your head differently, etc.  Even though my prescription for 12Hour  sudaphed says 2x a day, I only take it once a day (hyper).  DO NOT take anything more than prescribed.  Perhaps Try hypertonic nasal rinse just once or twice a day.  Like your face, you don't want to overwash.  God made snot to serve a purpose. ;)

Also, visit the website for Neilmed lots of stuff that stores don't carry (like a gel spray).  Also look for Ayr Hypertonic nasal spray for your purse.  

HYPERTONIC just means doubling the nasal packets.  Instructions are in the box.

Also, some folks (not all) may have milk  & gluten issues.  Try giving up dairy for a week or two; then have some dairy to see what happens :  better or worse?  The jury is still out, so you decide.

My nose runs more, but I can breathe thru my nose.  I'm thinking I may have more success now with the antibiotics for the sinus infection - or not.  

Cooks follow recipes.  Chefs create their own.  

Be a chef, not a cook.
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Try eliminating wheat and dairy from your diet - completely.  This solved my 20 year sinus problem my ENT kept putting me on meds for that I didn't need!  Food allergies are often times the culprit.  If eliminating wheat & dairy don't help, get an allergy test (has to be a blood test- NOT a skin ***** test, which are not as reliable in terms of foods).  
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